ITV Coronation Street’s Jamie Kenna says ‘see ya’ after teasing next job with former soap star and ‘unfinished business’ on Corrie

After leaving Coronation Street, Jamie Kenna bid the UK a hearty “see you later.”

Last year, the actor played Phill Whittaker in the ITV serial opera. The protagonist started a quick romance with newly devastated Fiz Stape, and the two got married early this year.

Their marriage, however, lasted only until the afternoon, when poor Phill was dumped by his new bride at the wedding reception after she gave in to her affections for ex-Tyrone Dobbs. Despite making remarkable efforts to get her back, Phill soon learned that Fiz had returned to Tyrone, therefore there was little hope for him.

He originally made a scene, but eventually consented to the annulment and left Weatherfield.

Later, it was discovered that Jamie had really left the popular soap opera.

He made an appearance in a video that Coronation Street shared on their official social media pages.

In the caption, they penned: “This past week, we bid Phill with two L’s adieu. Here is Jamie Kenna’s farewell message.”

Green Street actor Jamie also said how “gutted” he was to have been cut off the show in his own words uploaded on his Instagram page. He shared a video of himself on the well-known cobbles with his followers and said, “The sad news is out! @coronationstreet.”

When he later re-posted the video, he stated: “I’m devastated, but everything good must come to an end. We appreciate all of your love and support. @coronationstreet.”

After remaining silent following his departure from Corrie, Jamie has since returned to social media to share a new video where he addresses the negative feedback he received and teases what’s next for him, which features a former Corrie star.

After acknowledging that he still had glitter in his beard following a weekend of Pride festivities, he stated in the clip, “I wanted to come on here and I’ve been meaning to do it for a few days, for a few reasons.”

“First of all, just want to thank you everyone for the love you’ve showed giant Phull with two Ls,” he continued. It has truly been mind-blowing.

“I’m aware that you’ve posted on the Corrie sites asking, “Bring back Phill, why’s he gone,” and that some viewers are truly sad that he’s gone, which really means a lot to me.

And I hope they [Corrie] pay attention to that.” After saying that readers had given writers “enough ideas,” he urged them to “keep going” because he would “love to go back” to the cobbles.

They are aware of it because I’ve made no secret of it, Jamie said. So let’s hope that with all of your love, support, and assistance, we can enlist Big Phill once more.

He did continue to discuss some of the ongoing projects, including some podcast recordings and something a little more interesting.

Jamie said, “I just wrapped up filming a Christmas movie with the icon that is Suranne Jones.

an actress born in Chadderton Suranne first gained notoriety in 2000–2004 as Karen McDonald in Coronation Street, but she has since gone on to carve out a dazzling TV career, appearing in a plethora of dramas and series like Scott & Bailey, Doctor Foster, and Gentleman Jack.

Jamie continued, “I can’t talk too much about that. “Simply keep an eye out for it. It will debut on Sky on Christmas Day, which is quite exciting.” In keeping with the holiday spirit, he will also be in a panto.

When he was cast in the panto cast for the Crewe Lyceum’s production of Aladdin, he stated he had landed a position there for the holiday season. He will be playing the villain Abanazar.

But he said as he concluded the video: “I mostly wanted to approach her and express my gratitude for all of the kindness. Continue to speak out, launch petitions, and let’s get me back on the cobblestones because I’m not through yet. Unfinished business exists.”

And immediately, Jamie’s post was inundated with letters from fans asking him to return to the screen as Phill. tweeted @mrsvalentine16 “I’d be thrilled to see you back out on the streets. #bringbackphill.”

Bring back Phil to the Cobbles! I’ve missed you so much, @caz2827, and I’ve already booked my panto tickets for Crewe. “Yes Jamie, I couldn’t agree with you more. I would love to see more of Phill with two Ls, lol,” @lgrant694 continued.

Additionally, it seems like they are planning a plot and want to see Jenny Connor, the landlady of Rovers Return, be swept off her feet by Phill despite her relationship with toyboy Leo.

“Definitely need Phil back in Corrie, fantastic actor, great character, needs to hook up with Jenny and run The Rovers with her,” said Added by @thedenisemarek “Phil and Jenny, oh my! Yes! What a fantastic idea! It works!”

However, Jamie has already left for his vacation. As he passed the time on the plane, he uploaded a photo to his Instagram Story and added the caption “See Ya.” I can confirm it’s dreadful here, he joked as he tweeted a picture of himself admiring the views of the golden beach and the azure sea.

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