ITV Coronation Street’s Jacob Hay star Jack James Ryan beams as he shares exciting personal achievement

Jack James Ryan, a star of Coronation Street, was unable to contain his joy as he informed his audience of his most recent accomplishment.

The actor is most remembered for his role as Jacob Hay on the ITV soap, where he first appeared in 2020 and then made a comeback the following year.

Fans at first despised the character after he tormented Leanne Battersby after her son’s tragic death by enlisting her son Simon Barlow to engage in drug dealing.

After running afoul of drug lord Harvey Gaskell, he later vanished.

However, the Will Mellor-played persona created havoc on the cobblestones, which led to Natasha Blakeman’s demise.

However, after his return, viewers of Corrie have grown fond of Jacob as he developed a romance with Amy Barlow and tried to change his life by landing a job at the Underworld plant.

Life has just become a little bit more exciting for Jack now that he is off the cobblestones. The soap star posted a photo of himself holding up a certificate on Instagram on Monday night (July 11) while wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes from the sun.

He had recently passed his driving test, according to the document he was holding.

He couldn’t help but smile as he commented to his thousands of followers, “Guess who passed his driving test,” with the photo.

Jack has been lending his support to the Teenage Cancer Trust away from the cobbles as well.

In an effort to increase awareness of the warning signs and symptoms of cancer in young people, he teamed up with the charity and is advising people to be checked out if they have any worries.

It happens after he publicly discussed his own fight with testicular cancer in May. In 2017, Jack was only 19 when he received his diagnosis.

The soap star admitted that he is “grateful to be alive” and that all he has been through has further enriched his life on the cobbles while later making a full recovery.

Every day he said, “Wow, this could have been so different” as he arrived on set.

When Jack, now 24, went to his mother Maranna’s home in Manchester for the Easter break while his mother and older sister Rebecca, who recently appeared as Lydia Chambers in the ITV serial opera, were downstairs, he spotted a lump as he was studying at acting school.

“My sister invited her buddy over. Rebecca! Rebecca! I yelled. I yelled to her as she rushed upstairs that her buddy needed to leave “He thought back to The Mirror.

“She ordered her to go, and when she and my mother returned upstairs, I revealed what I had seen.”

Jack visited the doctor, was sent to the hospital, underwent surgery to remove his left testicle, and then was given a prosthetic testicle in its place.

He had chemotherapy afterward to be sure the cancer hadn’t spread. He returned to his study at the Guildford School of Acting in Surrey four months later.

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