ITV Coronation Street’s Jack P Shepherd leaves co-star ‘fuming’ as he ‘ruins’ soap illusion – and fans spot something that needs changing

After revealing the truth about one of Coronation Street’s set illusions, Jack P. Shephard left his on-screen son “fuming.”

The actor joined the cast of the ITV soap opera in 2000 as a 12-year-old and is best recognized for his role as David Platt.

And throughout that time, he lived at number 8 in the renowned street with his mother Gail, sister Sarah, and now his own family, which consists of son Max, daughter Lily, and wife Shona.

But he’s now brought to memory for fans one of his more enduring performances on the cobbles. Jack posted a picture of his virtual house on Instagram.

He was pictured sitting at the top of No. 8’s steps on the Salford set. However, the stairs go nowhere, and the only thing visible above was a walk way that seemed to go above the rest of the Platt residence set and professional lighting used as part of the soap opera’s equipment.

The 34-year-old soap actor captioned the picture, writing, “Misspent youth was enjoyed on this stairs.” And many viewers will recall the incident in which David pushed his mother Gail—played by Helen Worth, a legend in the Corrie—down the stairs.

One of the first to comment was Paddy Bever, who portrays Jack’s on-screen son Max, writing: “Fuming. just learned there isn’t an upstairs.

While Jamie Kenna, who recently left the serial opera as Phill Whittaker, Fiz Stape’s dumped husband, said: “WTF the home not real?!?!” Even Iain Beale from the popular BBC serial opera EastEnders, played by Adam Woodyatt, responded, “Yep. #ifyouknowyouknow.”

Additionally, Corrie viewers posted their own comments, some of which were nostalgic for the long-running soap’s past and others of which expressed surprise at the staircase’s true destination.

I recall when you hurled your mother down those stairs, @thedwwhitehouse said. “POV Gail Platt having been thrown down said staircase,” tweeted @dawsonstevie.

“Ah, the classic “push Gail down those stairs” incident,” tweeted @versace.the.afghanhound. So there isn’t an upstairs?, @lalexander1803 exclaimed in amazement. “Why did I assume those were actual, real houses? I’ve destroyed it now,” tweeted @salbearhinds.

“This is up there with the sadness I felt when I discovered out the washing machines in the laundrette in Eastenders aren’t genuine, and someone actually stands behind the wall manually rotating them round,” @gallaghersharlene said. “Now you’ve destroyed the illusion,” commented @li sham83. Alan Risk chuckled: “Trade secrets, haha. Naughty.”

However, viewers also noticed another issue that they believe needs to be resolved. RT @mandynanaof7: “I hope they will modernize the decor! How old is that washing machine, Jesus?” Could use a re-decoration there, said @carlopicassodecoratorsltd. “2 questions, when do you think they will ever renovate the houses, and how many bedrooms are there,” wrote @michelleford79.

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