ITV Coronation Street’s Isabella Flanagan on ‘heated’ competition with soap siblings

Isabella Flanagan, who plays Hope on Coronation Street, has described how it can get “hot” living with other soap opera actors.

The young actress is well-known for portraying Hope Stape, the daughter of Fiz and her serial murderer ex-boyfriend John, in the ITV soap opera. She is not the only well-known member of her family, though.

Her twin brother William, who portrays Joseph Brown in the venerable Salford soap opera, may already be known to some viewers. Their older sister, Amelia, is most known for her role as April Windsor in Emmerdale, a rival TV show, which she has played since 2014, according to Manchester Evening News.

All three actors frequently receive praise for the roles they play, but at this year’s Inside Soap Awards, Amelia and Isabella will face off against one another.

Both of them are competing for the Best Young Performer prize against Jude Riordan, who plays Sam Blakeman in Corrie, and Amelia’s Emmerdale co-star Gabrielle Dowling, who portrays Cathy Hope.

When Isabella was asked how it felt to compete against her sibling, she responded that it felt “very fantastic” because it was her first nomination for an award. Within Soap, she stated: “Given how many prizes my sister has received, I’ve always felt excluded. So it’s good to be recognized at last.”

Added her: “However, we always run lines and provide support for one another. Our relationship is pretty strong.” She did, however, acknowledge that the arguments between the siblings at home sometimes become fairly “hot” around award season.

The actor remarked: “Every time there are awards ceremonies, there are so many heated discussions at home. It can get a little heated at times since my sister is clearly on Team Emmerdale whereas my brother and I are on Team Corrie.”

Amelia stated to Inside Soap last month that even though she and her siblings are on “Team Emmerdale” and “Team Corrie,” respectively, it is “never competitive.” She gushed, “I’ve run lines with Bella where she’s played Hope and I’ve pretended to be a character from Coronation Street, so it’s wonderful!”

And when asked about the nomination, Amelia graciously expressed her desire that her sister would win, remarking that it was “surreal” that all three of us had ended ourselves in soap operas.

For the first time, Bella and I are competing for the same prize, and as much as I’d love to succeed, I genuinely hope my sister takes home the trophy.

Back in May, April joined her younger siblings for a family day on the renowned set and made her way onto the cobbles. Jude, a star of Corrie, posted a picture of himself with the siblings from the soap opera at the moment on Instagram. As they posed in front of the recognizable Rovers Return, the foursome appeared carefree and completely unlike their on-screen personalities.

“Great day at the Corrie Cast & Crew Fun Day,” Jude wrote. Meeting up with Team Flanagan was good. Fans quickly flooded the post with comments, many of which were complimentary of the young actors.

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