ITV Coronation Street’s Hope and real-life twin brother share emotional goodbye after co-star’s exit

Following news that her co-star had formally left Coronation Street, Hope Stape made an appearance in a farewell message.

Jamie Kenna’s parents shared their fond farewell to him after it was revealed that Phill Whittaker will replace him in the ITV soap opera in which Isabella Flanagan portrays the daughter of Fiz and serial killer John.

Following Fiz’s breakup with Tyrone Dobbs, the Green Street actor made his debut on the cobblestones last year, where he met Fiz.

The two clicked, and their quick relationship had them saying “I do” and walking down the aisle in no time.

However, Fiz, played by Jennie McAlpine, left him at their wedding reception, and their marriage only lasted a few hours.

The Underworld machinist had a change of heart and ran back into the arms of her ex-fiance Tyrone after leaving her new marriage.

The two then kept having illicit encounters while Phill desperately sought to keep his marriage together.

Finally realizing that he couldn’t change Fiz’s mind, he consented to the annulment.

That is, until he ran across Tyrone and Fiz in a couples’s therapy session. When Phill lost his cool at the Rovers, he tore up the annulment papers and told his wife he wanted a protracted divorce.

However, he had a second change of heart, and in scenes shown on Monday night’s (July 25) excursion to the Cobbles, Phill at last gave Fiz the signed annulment, which resulted in Jamie’s permanent departure from the soap opera.

On Wednesday, Coronation Street shared a video featuring him on their official social media accounts (July 28).

In the caption, they penned: “This past week, we bid Phill with two L’s adieu. Here is Jamie Kenna’s farewell message.” Jamie also uploaded the video to his own Instagram account.

He posted to his followers, saying, “The Sad news is out! @coronationstreet.” When he later re-posted the video, he stated: “I’m devastated, but everything good must come to an end. We appreciate all of your love and support. @coronationstreet.”

A post was shared in response to the news by Isabella’s parents, who manage the “Flanagan Family” Instagram page for their daughter, her twin brother and Corrie co-star William, and older sister Amelia, who plays April in Emmerdale.

In one picture, Jamie could be seen resting his elbows on Isabella and Macy Alabi, who portrays Ruby in the ITV serial opera.

On the Salford-based set outside the house they momentarily shared, a second image depicted the twins alongside Jamie, Jennie, and his wife and two children. Aside from @alanhalsall, of course, one of the kindest guys Bella has worked with is @thejamiekenna, and it’s farewell for the time being. Take care, tall man, and we’ll see you soon, I’m sure, they said.

Then Jamie replied: “I miss all of you! I hope we can get together as soon as possible “as supporters raced to express their disappointment at his departure. “Love Phil, I really wanted him to stay, excellent character and amazing actor,” remarked @beverleyw2211. Added by @christine.nye.140 “It’s a shame he left. I wished he had stayed and found real love. Never worry; good luck with everything that comes your way.”

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