ITV Coronation Street’s Georgia Taylor in sweet selfie as she shares last scenes with co-star

When Georgia Taylor’s character gave in to her remorse and admitted that she was to blame for Imran Habeeb’s death, the spotlight on Coronation Street was once again focused on her. As she awaits her upcoming murder trial, Toyah Habeeb has been on the verge of breaking since a few weeks ago.

Just a few weeks after saying “I Do,” Imran saved his wife’s life by rescuing her from being trapped in their automobile when it crashed into a structure covered in scaffolding. But while Toyah was being loaded into an ambulance, Imran went into cardiac arrest and passed away there and then.

Before being married, the couple went through a challenging time when it became known that Imran was the father of baby Alfie. The fact that lawyer Imran revealed to Toyah that he had lied in court about Abi’s drug use in order to win custody of his son has now come to light.

Fans of Corrie watched as Toyah was finally allowed to spend some time with Alfie for the first time in months in scenes that were broadcast on Wednesday night (September 14). Toyah was in tears as she apologized to Alfie for taking his dad away when they were sitting in Victoria Garden.

She was discovered by Rovers bartender Gemma Winter, who initially tried to make sure she was okay before heading to the Bistro to alert Leanne Battersby to her sister’s rather distressed appearance.

Leanne started looking for Toayh in a panic, but she was vanished. Spider Nugent, who she had hired, was able to find her and bring her back to Leanne and Nick Tilsley’s apartment.

Soon after getting back, Toyah sobbed in front of Spider, with whom she had lately resumed her romance. Spider tried to console her.

Toyah screamed indignantly as he offered her encouragement and affection, “Please don’t be kind to me, shut up, just shut up.” He attempted to reassure her that she merited his generosity when she startled him by saying: “You deserve to know the truth; it wasn’t a mistake; I killed him and Imran; and, in case you aren’t paying attention, I lied to the police. I clearly recall that I intentionally crashed the automobile.”

She said that she didn’t know. Leanne burst in after hearing everything going on outside the front door. Spider, who was recently revealed to the public as an undercover police officer, was speechless.

Before turning and leaving, he said to her, “No, don’t say that, I can’t be hearing this,” and at the conclusion of the episode, he was seen ignoring Toyah’s calls.

Viewers of Corrie witnessed a moment between Toyah and Kelly Neelan prior to her confession. The argument between the two apparently started soon after the collision when Millie Gibson’s character Kellly questioned whether it was an accident or if she was to blame.

Kelly apologized for making Toyah and Alfie doubt her over Imran’s passing and said that the impending trial was giving her anxiety.

Kelly also revealed to Toyah that she was the first person she notified about her and Aadi Alahan’s impending nuptials. The final time Corrie fans will be seen together will be at this event, it turns out.

After the episode, Millie—who will abruptly end her run on the ITV serial this month—posted a cute selfie of the two holding hands in Victoria Garden on Instagram. They were visible staying warm in their sizable red puffer jackets with the ITV logo.

The adolescent wrote, “Last scene with my love aired tonight… @realgeorgiataylor,” along with an emotional face and heart emojis. Georgia, who has portrayed Toyah in the soap opera for decades, quickly reshared the post and left a comment saying, “Love you, @milliegibbo.”

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