ITV Coronation Street’s Georgia Taylor faces the heat as she films Toyah’s court scenes with Kelly star Millie Gibson

While filming forthcoming Coronation Street scenes, Georgia Taylor was prepared to argue her case despite the heat, and we don’t just mean the temperature.

As her fictional character Toyah Habeeb goes on trial for murder, the actress who portrays Toyah Habeeb in the ITV serial has found herself back in court.

Fans were outraged last month when it seemed to be established that Toyah was to blame for the collision that claimed her new husband, Imran Habeeb.

Before being married, the couple had to deal with the revelation that the solicitor was the father of Abi Webster’s surprise child, whom she called Alfie.

However, Toyah forgave Imran for his adultery when he implored her to assist him in obtaining full custody, claiming that Abi was using drugs as a result of her uncontrollable rage when Kevin left her.

However, as viewers are aware, Imran lied about Abi’s drug usage to gain advantage in court, and just before he passed away, he was getting ready to make a confession.

But in shocking moments, Imran saved his wife’s life just a few weeks after they exchanged vows, when they were pinned inside their car after it crashed into a structure covered in scaffolding.

But while Toyah was being loaded into an ambulance, Imran went into cardiac arrest and passed away there and then.

After CCTV footage and other evidence revealed there were no attempts to stop the car from hitting the building or anything wrong with the vehicle to begin with, Toyah was later made a suspect in her husband’s death and was charged last month with his murder.

With only her sister, Leanne Battersby, appearing to be on her side, she has now been cast out onto the streets.

Fans of Corrie watched Imran’s mother return to collect Imran’s ashes last week. When Toyah asked if she might save some for herself, Imran’s mother told her she had already buried them and then referred to her as a killer as she boarded a cab to depart.

Now that Georgia and a number of other ITV soap opera stars have been seen filming on location for the future scenes, it appears that Toyah’s day in court may be drawing near.

Sam Robertson, renowned for playing Adam Barlow, and Millie Gibson, who portrays Kelly Neelan on Corrie, were both spotted entering the courtroom to film.

Georgia, who was born in Wigan, was photographed relaxing on the court steps while the sun shone in Greater Manchester.

The 42-year-old was dressed in a white shirt tucked into a pair of wide-leg, black pants.

She was taking a water break with her recently colored blonde hair done into loose curls and wearing sunglasses.

In a striking black dress and matching slingback heels, Millie—who just received a British Soap Award for her performance in the Salford-based soap opera—was spotted stepping out of a car in preparation for filming.

She also carried a bag of makeup to touch up for her scenes and made sure not to forget her sunglasses.

While taking a coffee break in the sunshine in between scenes, the couple was also seen deep in conversation.

Sam, who has turned against Toyah because he holds her responsible for the death of his buddy and colleague, was dressed to the nines in a three-piece navy suit and had his dark hair pulled back.

A crew worker was seen walking toward the structure while holding an electric fan in each hand, so it must have been hot inside.

Toyah, on the other hand, has been rather busy since she was shocked to discover Spider Nugent, her ex-boyfriend, back in Weatherfield.

After playing Emily Bishop’s eco-warrior nephew once more last month, Martin Hancock was soon assisting his ex with a neighborhood demonstration.

The two quickly became as close as thieves up until Spider tried to convert the former brewery into a squat and was caught red-handed by Debbie Webster and Ronnie Bailey.

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