ITV Coronation Street’s Elle Mulvaney ‘splits’ from boyfriend after 18 months

After dating Euan for 18 months, Elle Mulvaney of ITV’s Coronation Street has allegedly broken up with him. On social media, she and her boyfriend have unfollowed one another.

Elle deleted the boy from her feed as well. The actress shared a romantic photo of the couple at her house with her thousands of followers on Valentine’s Day, when they were seen tenderly looking into one other’s eyes.

In the second image, the couple was seen posing for the camera with the message “Valentine’s,” which included a pink heart. She has grown up on the show and developed “wonderful” relationships with her co-stars.

Elle responded as follows when asked by OK! who she is closest to: “Millie [Gibson] and Tanisha Harriet [Bibby], who plays Summer Spellman and Kelly Neelan, respectively.

“I’m incredibly close to the girls in the young girl gang I play. Tanisha and I are both long-time cast members of the program; we grew up together. Millie and Harriet joined more recently, but we all just get along incredibly well.

“To stay in touch, we all have a Snapchat conversation and an Instagram group.”

Was it easier for them to bond as they grew up on the show? she was asked “Definitely. Tanisha’s presence from the start has just been so wonderful for us both because we’ve gone through similar experiences. Everybody has.”

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