ITV Coronation Street’s Elle Mulvaney ‘anxious’ as plot will forever change character

Elle Mulvaney of Coronation Street acknowledged feeling “anxious” because her character is about to get involved in a significant plot thread.

Amy Barlow, the 20-year-old soap opera star’s character on The Cobbles, is well-known. Since her boyfriend, Jacob Hay, left Weatherfield to avoid his evil father, Damon, Amy has had a challenging year on the show.

Summer Spellman and her partner Aaron Sandford live in the same apartment as Amy. However, according to previews, Amy will soon take part in a discussion on non-consensual sex following a wild night with Aaron.

Aaron will kiss Amy in an episode that airs on March 3 after he fights with Summer.

Then, after entering the bedroom, Amy will begin to undress before declaring that she is sick and rolling away from him.

Aaron, on the other hand, keeps kissing her and decides whether or not to have sex on Amy’s behalf. Amy would later realize that she was raped since she was unable to give her consent for sex.

In spite of Aaron’s efforts to persuade her otherwise, the cops will eventually become involved. Elle argued that it is critical that the program address a topic this significant and timely.

“At first, when I was given the tale, I was quite anxious to take it on as it’s such a crucial topic, and we wanted to do it right,” she remarked.

There are so many various perspectives from the characters, but for us, it was crucial that it be obvious when we portray that night that even though Amy doesn’t express it, she doesn’t agree.

Elle said she is honored to be trusted with such a significant subject and that the story will have a long-lasting effect on her personality. Added her: “It demonstrates the level of confidence the team has in us, which gives us the courage to take on the story. The story won’t finish here however; it will be intriguing to witness how Amy’s character changes because this will be with her for a very long time.”

The Schools Consent Project helped the show’s producers develop the plot, which they believe will raise awareness about young people’s sexual activity. The amount of people who have had comparable experiences to Amy astounded producer Iain Macleod.

He declared: “This story will be incredibly relatable, and we hope it will spark meaningful conversations about consent among our audience. Elle Mulvaney and James Craven will have the opportunity to display their enormous talents in the narrative, which will also be an engaging, protracted investigation of how Amy and Aaron deal with what happened that night.

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