ITV Coronation Street’s Bill Fellows shares what soap legend Bill Roache said to him in ‘iconic’ moment

Star of the long-running soap opera Coronation Street Bill Fellows recalls a conversation he had with Bill Roache shortly after joining the show.

In October of last year, the actor made his ITV serial opera debut as Stu Carpenter on the renowned cobblestones.

The character was first introduced to viewers in May 2021 when he unintentionally saved the crucial piece of evidence that proved Corey Brent was responsible for the murder of Seb Franklin months earlier.

When he dumped the promising footballer’s possessions after killing Seb, the former Navy man, who was at the time homeless, came across them.

In the end, just as Corey was about to run away with his father, Gary Windass sent him to the police station in the back of a van. This was done after some convincing from Asha Alahan and Nina Lucas, Seb’s bereaved girlfriend.

After being wrongfully convicted of killing Seb, Kelly Neelan was set free and later came across Stu on the streets.

When Yasmeen Metcalfe finally found a place to live in Weatherfield, Kelly stepped in to save Stu, and ever since, he has been living with Yasmeen and working as a chef at Speed Daal.

The Corrie audience will witness Stu meet his daughter this coming week, despite the fact that there is still much about him that is unknown.

When Stu learns that Yasmeen has located daughter Bridget’s address, he is enraged with her for meddling.

However, Stu decides to try reaching out to Bridget after Kelly pushes him to do so.

He arrives, knocks on the door, but when she hears him, she panics and tells him to leave, leaving him crushed.

Stu pleads with her to give him a chance and reassures her that he has never hurt anyone. Although Stu apologizes to Yasmeen and claims it was the wrong location, what is he really trying to hide?

Stu’s past is currently being thoroughly enjoyed by Bill. He told the Manchester Evening News that he thought it was “great” to learn about the introduction of the new characters and that he was “curious” to learn who they would cast to play his on-screen relatives and what they would look like.

The actresses who play the roles are excellent, said Bill. They are really good and nice people. I love that, Bill said in reference to delving into his character’s past.

It had always been a possibility, but you have to appear in the soap opera, take part in the narrative, and eventually… So when Corrie producer Iain MacLeod called and told me about my past, I gasped and said, “Woah!”

“I had that response. It came as a huge surprise. Although we had previously discussed it, I had a feeling that something significant would happen to him, and his past was far more extensive than I had anticipated.

Bill has now appeared on screen for nine months and has been on the Salford-based set for somewhat longer. During that time, we have seen Stu get into some trouble with Bill Roache’s character, the legendary Ken Barlow. Bill said when asked about working with the 90-year-old actor: “It was an unforgettable moment for me.

“I grew up watching Coronation Street, so it was a pleasure to work with him on a cute, lighthearted subject. I hope we get to appear in more scenes together. I’m going to ask the producers for additional scenes starring Bill Roache.”

The Stu actor then spoke about a remark Bill made to him: “He gave me a complement by saying, “Bill, I like this role,” halfway through filming. It works well with Coronation Street. He also cares about the program. It was fantastic; I adored it.”

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