ITV Coronation Street’s Bill Fellows says Stu Carpenter’s past was ‘unexpected’ as his family’s introduced

Stu Carpenter on Coronation Street had his screen debut back in October 2021, but there is still a lot we don’t know about him.

This week, viewers of the ITV soap opera will see him face his daughter, beginning to change that.

When the former homeless character learns that Yasmeen has located the address for daughter Bridget, he becomes enraged with her for meddling.

However, Stu resolves to attempt after Kelly prods him to try and get in touch with Bridget. But when he arrives and knocks on the door, she panics and tells him to go, leaving him shattered.

Assuring her that he has never hurt anyone, Stu begs her to give him a chance. What is Stu trying to hide when he apologizes to Yasmeen and claims it was the wrong address?

Glen, an old friend of Stu’s, calls into Speed Daal later in the week, and Stu is thrilled to see him.

Glen acknowledges that he is starving but also poor. Yasmeen plays along while Stu inserts a £20 bill into the register from his pocket. Yasmeen praises Stu’s generosity.

When Stu offers that they sell all the restaurant leftovers at a bargain price to individuals in need, Yasmeen thinks it’s a brilliant idea.

Dev, Billy, Chesney, Nina, and Yasmeen are called to a meeting by Stu to discuss their plans for the leftover food.

When asked about the exploration into Stu’s background, actor Bill Fellows told the Manchester Evening News that he thought it was “fantastic” and said he was “interested” to see who they would cast to play his on-screen family and what they would look like.

Bill remarked, “The actresses who perform the parts are fantastic.” They are excellent and nice people. As for exploring his character’s past, Bill said: “I love that.

There was always a chance, but you have to appear in the soap opera, take part in the plot, and finally… Iain [MacLeod, producer of Corrie], called me and informed me of my background, and I was like, “Woah!”

“I had that response. It came as a huge surprise. Although we had previously discussed it, I had a feeling that something significant would happen to him, and his past was far more extensive than I had anticipated.

Bill acknowledged that he had only learned a little amount of information beforehand.

When I was performing the screen test for the early scripts, for instance, I was aware of something I really loved about the fact that he was homeless but I didn’t know why.”

Bill, who has been in films like Ted Lasso and London’s Burning, described Stu in his own words: “He strikes me as a really complex human being, but many individuals share that trait. It’s not unique in that regard, but I believe my core impression of him is that, in the end, he has occasionally acted like a jackass, almost like a typical dude.

“But he knows deep down that he will act morally when it counts. He will make an effort to act morally, but it’s not always simple.

“He made reference to the fact that when viewers first met Stu, he accidentally saved the crucial piece of evidence that proved Corey Brent was responsible for killing Seb Franklin months earlier in May 2021. At the time, Stu was initially hesitant to go to the police when approached by Nina Lucas and Asha Alahan.

“Finally, he decided that doing this was the appropriate course to take. So while he makes an effort to act morally, he occasionally finds himself in trouble.” Added him: “No one is flawless, including him. And I appreciate that about him “Bill threw in.

While asked if he watched Corrie prior to landing the part of Stu, Bill was completely honest and said: “I wouldn’t say I was a fan because I wasn’t watching it that much. However, both my sisters and my family usually watched it when I was with them, so I understood what was going on because of them.”

Added him: “I’ve had a connection to it my entire life. I grew up in a neighborhood quite similar to Coronation Street. I was astounded by how brilliant everything was when I initially arrived on set. stuff in the back alley. It was excellent.” He and Stu share another similarity in that both of their fathers served in the Navy.

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