ITV Coronation Street’s Alison King’s Brookside roots, co-star ex and show exit fears

One of Coronation Street’s most recognizable characters is Alison King.

The Weatherfield character Carla Connor, played by the 49-year-old performer, is well-known. As she ascended to the top of the Underworld factory after making her debut on the Cobbles in 2006, the character swiftly won over viewers.

Carla has had an up-and-down marriage to Peter Barlow and has had a significant role in some of the soap opera’s most dramatic plotlines. The two are presently experiencing stability in their relationship, but Carla is about to encounter a fresh danger.

Carla and Stephen Reid have a contentious argument in this week’s episodes as he attempts to overcome his financial problems and reclaim the top spot in the fashion industry. Stephen’s ambitions were foiled by Carla, and in this week’s last picture, Todd Boyce’s character gave his boss a menacing glare.

Although Carla is unaware that Stephen is a murderous person, those who follow the show on Twitter are worried that she might end up becoming his next victim.

Oh my goodness, Toni thought Stephen was giving her the “you’re my next victim” look. Is Carla going to be his next victim, Ralph continued?

“Stephen has chosen Carla as his next victim,” Mike tweeted. If the concerns of the public come to pass, Alison’s lauded 17-year tenure on the Cobbles would come to an end.

Before joining the Corrie cast, Alison had a successful TV career where she played Lynda Block in Dream Team. Although the actress is from Leicester, she made her acting debut in Merseyside on the popular soap opera Brookside.

In 1998, Alison played Helen in a single episode of the Channel 4 program. She also had an earlier appearance on Coronation Street in 2004 as Mrs. Fanshaw before finally joining the program in her more well-known role as Carla two years later.

Carla does not have any social media accounts, therefore she keeps her life away from the Cobbles a secret. She did, however, previously date Phillip Middlemiss, a former Corrie star who portrayed Des Barnes on The Cobbles.

Additionally, she once dated Jim Alexander, who portrayed Jamie Parker in Dream Team.

David Johnson, the creator of Oldham’s Theatre Workshop, gave Alison’s career a jump start. After the passing of her mentor a year ago, she posted a poignant homage to him on social media through her co-star Antony Cotton.

She uttered: “My absolute hero, R.I.P. My creator of all I am and where I am today is also my teacher from 27 years ago. During those years, I learned things about myself that I never knew but have kept with me to this day. Although you were strict, you were the sweetest man I had ever met toward me.

“You were perceptive and intelligent, and you gave me and the countless others I’ve cherished working with over the years the chance to shine. My dearest pal Emma is a gift from you.

My beautiful daughter Daisy, who is full of passion for the arts as a result of your lectures, would not exist if it weren’t for you. We are so numerous. Jonathan Johnson

“From the first day of class, when you had a nice haircut and brand-new, shining leather shoes, until the last day of class, when they would be curled and your hair would be in a lovely bouffant! larger than any of us could handle on a Monday morning. You were the most perceptive and knowledgeable person I have ever met about how to encourage others to express their creativity.”

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