ITV Coronation Street viewers rage ‘no’ as they work out who’ll be framed for Stephen murders

Fans of ITV’s Coronation Street have noticed that Stephen has died AGAIN, but this time off-screen. According to viewers, the villainous Stephen from Coronation Street killed Rufus in scenes that will show on Friday night.

Stephen had struggled with Rufus for several weeks. A mysterious visitor came on Rufus’ door tonight during the hour-long episode at 8 o’clock on ITV and ITVX, prompting Rufus to inquire: “What are you doing here?”

He was discovered dead, according to the episode summary on Friday. A fan posted on Twitter that “Stephen has killed Rufus.” “It’s so obvious that Stephen has killed Rufus, or most likely has,” the second person remarked.

However, concerningly, some viewers believe Michael, who Rufus offered a job to earlier in the episode, would be implicated in a crime. “On no! One person wrote, “Michael is going to stake the blame for Stephen killing Rufus isn’t he!!!”

Another Corrie fan posed the question, “Let me guess… Stephen is going to kill Rufus and Paul will get the blame?” A different person yelled, “Perhaps Stephen kills Rufus and Michael gets the blame.”

Another person who commented on Twitter in support of the theory said: “Stephen murders Rufus Michael gets blame Paul sees it can’t own up cos he’s stealing Rufus car.”

The actor Todd Boyce has already commented on Stephen’s murdering rampage, predicting that he will probably continue to claim victims before receiving his just desserts. He told The Mirror, “I believe there might be more.”

He now enjoys it, and I believe he believes that if he is caught for three, he might as well be caught for four or five. To be recognized as the largest serial killer on the show would be fantastic. What a reputation to have. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m., ITV and ITVX broadcast Coronation Street.

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