ITV Coronation Street viewers ‘fuming’ as star reveals behind-the-scenes secret

Jack P. Shepherd, a star of Coronation Street, made some of his fans “fume” by spilling a behind-the-scenes detail about the Platt family. Since he revealed the property has no upstairs, the actor, who has portrayed David Platt in the serial opera since he was 12 years old, upset some viewers.

Jack shared a picture of himself sitting on the renowned stairwell at number eight, demonstrating how they vanished into thin air. The set’s professional lights hang from the suddenly ending bannister.

“Misspent youth was had on that staircase,” Jack wrote. And while many viewers remembered the incident in which David pushed his mother Gail, who was portrayed by Helen Worth, down the stairs, others took offense at the spoiler.

This disappointment ranks right up there with the one I experienced when I learned that the washing machines in the laundrette on Eastenders weren’t real and that a person actually stood behind the wall and physically turned them. “Why did I think these were actual, real houses? I’ve wrecked it now,” Salbearhinds remarked.

Lalexander1803 was astonished and enquired, “So there’s no upstairs??” Added Paddybever: “fuming. recently learned there isn’t an upstairs.”

“WTF the house not real?!?” thejamiekenna continued.

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