ITV Coronation Street teases returning relatives, couples in crisis and shocking secrets in Autumn storylines

The month of August marks the halfway point of another soap opera season, and it’s safe to say that Weatherfield hasn’t been lacking on drama thus far.

Fans of Coronation Street, however, had better get ready since the ITV soap has hinted that the upcoming months will be dominated by family issues with visiting relatives, troubled couples, and shocking secrets causing havoc on the cobbles.

Since Gary Windass took in the adolescent daughter of the guy he killed, time has been running out for him. Kelly Neelan, who was beginning to consider Gary as a father figure, was made even more reliant on him when, in scenes that were broadcast in July, he saved her from the clutches of dad Rick’s dubious connections.

However, after seeing the lengths Gary will go to protect her, Kelly begins to question whether he has ever gone too far.

Gary is desperate to protect his wife Maria, who is still dealing with the negative online exposure her council work has brought.

Is Gary’s history going to come back to haunt him though?

In an effort to create a new future for himself, another resident is similarly determined to keep secrets from his past.

Yasmeen has become a friend and a family member to Stu Carpenter, but as viewers are currently seeing, when she tries to assist him in getting back in touch with his daughter, she unintentionally sets off a chain of events that might cause their entire new life to crumble.

As Audrey Roberts’ relationship with the rest of her family came to a breaking point, Stephen Reid’s return saved the day. As a result, an intoxicated Audrey was saved from being crushed beneath a display motorbike in the barbershop.

To the consternation of the rest of the family, Audrey chooses to organize her finances with the assistance of businessman Stephen since she is fed up with being treated like a child by Gail and her grandchildren.

Has Audrey chosen the wrong horse, and is Stephen the savior she believes him to be as she continues to deal with the problems that becoming older may bring?

Leanne Tyldesley’s worries for her sister are escalating as she is also on the street.

Toyah’s future is looking bleak as she contends with a murder charge and a potential prison term. As Corrie viewers have previously witnessed, Toyah began to devote herself to local issues in an effort to divert attention from the impending court case.

And just as she was about to get herself into trouble by climbing inside the garbage collector’s vehicle, Toyah’s sex partner and eco-warrior Spider Nugent showed up.

As Spider takes Toyah under his wing and Leanne is relieved to finally have someone else to share the load, the character will soon be back on the cobbles.

But why precisely has Spider returned to Weatherfield, and could he cause more problems there?

Last but not least, Summer Spellman’s issues with body image came to light when she and her boyfriend Aaron decided to plan a beach vacation.

Although Aaron is a tower of strength, it soon becomes apparent that he has his own troubles at home. These issues were hinted at in scenes from last month, when he exhibited some horrific wounds that he said were the result of being “jumped” on his way home.

Will their secrets cause this codependent couple to split up, or can they resolve their problems?

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