ITV Coronation Street star quits soap and has already filmed final scenes

An ITV Coronation Street fan favorite has announced that she would be leaving the program, and her last scenes have already been shot.

The soap opera’s Kimberly Hart-Simpson is leaving once more.

In order to complete her plot, the 35-year-old actor who plays Nicky Wheatley is leaving the program.

During a fan question and answer session, she was asked, “Why you leave Corrie.”

“Okkkk let’s get this replied since it’s clogging up the inbox,” she said.

So leaving Corrie is not an option. More specifically, I returned in order to finish a plot that has already been started.

You won’t know what the future holds if you saw Friday’s episode because there wasn’t a major departure moment, but I can tell you this. “I owe so lot to Corrie,” the soap opera actress continued, “and I genuinely adore it there, the people, the attitude, and the street.

“Life is a book with chapters, and I am eagerly anticipating the next one.” She made her debut in 2020 as a character in Daniel Osbourne’s love interest plot.

I adore other soaps and other TV shows, but it’s just in my blood, the soap actor said at the time.

Without a question, if you cut me in half, I’d say Corrie. It’s amazing what they do for ladies on the program.

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