ITV Coronation Street star Jamie Kenna ‘gutted’ over goodbye message as he officially exits soap as Phill Whittaker

Jamie Kenna, a star of Coronation Street, has announced his resignation from the program.

As Phill Whittaker, the actor joined the ITV serial opera last year. After Fiz Stape was devastated by her lover Tyrone Dobbs’ covert relationship with their lodger Alina Pop, the character rose to prominence as Fiz Stape’s knight in shining armor.

It didn’t take long for Fiz to fall in love with her new partner. The two had intended to move into Phill’s opulent new home, but issues with repairs forced Fiz to return to the house she lived with Tyrone and their kids Hope and Ruby.

And despite the fact that Fiz later learned her new partner was penning a book about her murderous ex-husband, the hopeless romantic nevertheless consented to marry him.

After saying “I do” with Phill in front of many of their family and friends, however, their wedding day concluded with the bride leaving the Bistro celebration after realizing she still loved Tyrone.

Phill was devastated and has been making awkward attempts to get Fiz back.

He eventually did, however, consent to an annulment, but when he saw Tyrone and Fiz in a couple’s therapy session, he snapped and informed them he wanted a divorce and that it might take a year.

In images shown on Monday night’s (July 25) journey to the cobbles, however, Phill ultimately gave Fiz the signed annulment, after which Fiz left for a joyous dinner. And it is now established that Phill left Weatherfield in a formal manner.

A video that Coronation Street posted on its official social media accounts included actor Jamie. In the caption, they penned: “This past week, we bid Phill with two L’s adieu. Here is Jamie Kenna’s farewell message.”

In the video recorded on the Salford-based set, he stated: “Hello to all of you wonderful Coronation Street fans, people.

Jamie here, and I’m standing in front of the antique store where Phil first set eyes on Fiz a year ago. Unfortunately, as we now know, I was unable to keep them apart any longer, and Jack and Vera have reconciled in current times.

“The ideal team members are Jennie and Alan. I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for all of your support and love for Phill and me. I’ve had a blast.

I adore this location and this show. Big Phill with two Ls has had quite the journey. Who knows, maybe it’s not the end; perhaps they’ll bring him back, but for now, it’s a big goodbye from me and I’m sending tons of love to everyone at Corrie. Thank you to all of you for watching; there’s no way I would’ve remained as long as I have without you and these guys at Corrie.

Then he continued, “Keep watching this fantastic show; keep it going; it’s the cornerstone of British television; it’s legendary. I’ll see you all later; take care of yourselves and be careful.

Since then, Jamie has also uploaded the video to his own Instagram account. He posted to his followers, saying, “The Sad news is out! @coronationstreet.” When he later re-posted the video, he stated: “I’m devastated, but everything good must come to an end. We appreciate all of your love and support. @coronationstreet.”

Fans were also furious with him. In the words of @paulalunt58, “Plz make them let you stay.” “Awww nooo you can’t leave your brilliant Actor, I will miss you,” wrote @sharons nail and beauty. Becks Louise 144 left a comment “Good luck to Jamie in the future. Without you, Coronation Street won’t be the same. I want to see you again.”

As stated by @mackembernie “Wishing you well in the future. Hopefully Phill will return one day so that he can get retribution by writing that book on John.”

“Gutted to hear this but wish you the very best of luck for the future,” @bernadette oreilly70 retorted. Added by @lisabeeloves: “We genuinely miss you as Phill since you were simply fantastic. I hope they can find a way for you to come back someday. Good fortune.”

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