ITV Coronation Street star in x-rated clash with Jedward over King Charles

Charlie Lawson, a star of ITV’s Coronation Street, retaliated against Jedward when they requested that King Charles “give back” the six counties of Northern Ireland. They penned the following on Saturday: “Abolish the monarchy and grant the populace true democracy! ”

“King Charles should return over the six Irish counties on his visit to Northern Ireland, no war!” they said. merely words! Jim McDonald’s character Charlie retaliated, saying: “Shut up, you two tw*ts! ”

People who are in denial about Britain’s imperialist past need to get a handle on things, Jedward wrote. Charlie responded, “Oh, shut up! Change is hard when your education is a censored version of history. ”

It happens at the same time as a 22-year-old lady was detained on Sunday while watching the King’s Accession Proclamation outside St. Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh. A 22-year-old guy was detained on the Royal Mile in the Scottish capital on Monday afternoon. Video appears to capture a man jeering the passing royal procession.

Police also spoke with a protester carrying a homemade placard that read “not my King” and led him or her out of the Palace of Westminster.

On Monday morning, as the King was getting ready to give his speech to lawmakers and peers in Westminster Hall, the incident took place.

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