ITV Coronation Street star Harriet Bibby has very normal Saturday job away from soap

Star of the ITV serial opera Coronation Street Harriet Bibby revealed her extremely routine Saturday work. In a recent interview, the actress from Summer made a statement.

Harriet confessed she has a second job at a stage school in Manchester in an interview with Inside Soap. “Well, I teach singing on the weekends. I instruct children in a musical theatre group on Saturday mornings, she remarked.

“I used to be a student, but I just kept doing it because I liked it. The kids are wonderful, and it’s really enjoyable,” she remarked. She said, “The students I teach watched me being slimed on CBBC, and they liked it!”

“I joined the show during the epidemic, so it was strange at first,” she continued.

When I was out, I would don a mask, and nobody would recognize me for a while. “When I’m out with my friends who are also on the show, we get noticed a lot, which is great. People mostly want to tell us how much they love Corrie, which is great,” she remarked.”

The soap star revealed she will be performing the character of “Girl” in “Blackbird” at Liverpool’s Royal Court Studio for four performances in July by reposting a post on her Instagram Story in June.

Roots Theatre posted a quote from Harriet on the article: “Being a part of Blackbird makes me feel very happy, especially since the show had to be delayed.

“I could already tell after our first rehearsal that the show was going to be spectacular. There is a lot to unpack, which is very thrilling, and it is beautifully written.” She added her own message and added, “So psyched for this,” to her message to her thousands of followers.

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