ITV Coronation Street star Daniel Brocklebank’s life – co-star romance to online abuse

Billy Mayhew first stepped foot on the renowned Coronation Street cobbles eight years ago. Daniel Brocklebank’s portrayal of the gay vicar debuted in 2014, and he shortly started dating Sean Tully.

Since then, he has had to deal with his fair share of challenges brought on by his troubled past as a drug user and felon. In 2018, he relapsed and developed a painkiller addiction as a result of being briefly confined to a wheelchair after falling from a cliff.

In more recent times, he has worked to rebuild his life while helping his adoptive teenage daughter Summer Spellman, who was battling a hidden eating condition.

Thankfully, Daniel Brocklebank’s life outside of the camera is far less dramatic. The 42-year-old has made appearances in shows like EastEnders, Shakespeare in Love, The Bill, Emmerdale, and Waterloo Road.

His relationship with co-star Rob Mallard, who portrays Ken Barlow’s son Daniel in the enduring ITV soap opera, made headlines in 2017.

Rob referred to Daniel as “the best thing I’ve taken home this year” during the 2017 British Soap Awards during the couple’s brief relationship, which lasted only a few months.

Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be, as the stars reportedly broke up because of the stress of dating and working together at the same time.

They chose to separate ways a few of weeks ago, but they’re still great friends and plan to stay that way, a source close to the former couple stated at the time.

Following their breakup, Daniel began dating Stuart Hatton Jr. after running into him during Stockholm Pride.

The best love story is when you fall in love at the most unexpected time with the most unexpected person, Daniel wrote when sharing the news on social media.

But shortly before Christmas in 2019, Daniel and Stuart decided to end their two-year relationship. According to a source who spoke to The Sun, their romance suffered as a result of scheduling issues and the fact that they weren’t able to spend as much time together as they would have liked.

Daniel has always been outspoken about his experiences as a gay actor, and after the writers of Corrie gave his character a gay adoption plot line, he spoke out about his concern about retaliation.

He said that he came out as homosexual when he was 18 years old, and he continued, “Since I’ve been out professionally since I was 18, I’ve known that producers passed over me for jobs because they knew I was gay, and I’ve had to deal with homophobic harassment on social media.

“People tend to forget that you are a living, breathing person who still goes home to his or her family every night. They probably anticipate you to have thick skin. They miss the moment when you try to shake off a volley of insults by closing the front door.

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