ITV Coronation Street star Colson Smith freaked out by encounter during run in Greater Manchester

Colson Smith of Coronation Street couldn’t believe what he witnessed while out for a run in Greater Manchester, so he posted about it on social media to share with his followers.

Many of the actor’s fans are aware that he is an avid runner and gym goer. The actor portrays Craig Tinker in the ITV soap.

Colson, who reportedly shed 10 stone, had a significant life and physical makeover during lockdown.

Prior to falling in love with running, he once claimed that he weighed 140 kg. He now frequently posts pictures of his runs and trips to the gym on social media.

The 23-year-old encountered a snake on his most recent trip pounding the pavement, which was startling.

In a video posted to his Instagram Story, the Corrie co-star could still be seen at home in his apartment wearing his running clothes: a grey t-shirt, a jacket that matches it, and a snap-back cap.

He began, his clothing still covered in sweat from his recent exercise. “Right, so Iv’ve just been for a run,” he said. “Let me describe the scene.

Industrial Trafford, “He pointed to where he had just come out as he turned the camera to reveal the vista from his window.

“I’m not referring to a glamorous setting. I’m bringing something up here.”

As a curse word is bleeped out, he continued, “Running around, minding my own business, what do I see?,” and then he confirmed it was a snake.

“a snake in vivid orange. I’ve st myself, so I won’t st you. There is a snake where I am standing in the center of the road.

I have no idea what to do.” Colson continues, obviously still in shock: “Why? Why does Trafford Industrial have an orange snake? It has stains on it!”

The video then came to an end before a screenshot of Colson asking his family about his discoveries and sharing a link to an article about someone else who had been horrified to discover a 6-foot snake alongside a canal emerged.

It appears that the snake is a common sight in this area, he wrote. He was not, however, over it.

After returning, he shared a photo to his profile and commented, “A good few hours later and I’m still not over sighting a snake mid run in Manchester.” He had been trying to unwind by playing some video games.

Colson, who consumed almost five pints of carbonated beverages each day before his dramatic weight loss, received cheers when he competed in The Games on ITV earlier this year.

As they watched him compete against five other male celebrities in a series of sporting competitions, he earned the hearts of the audience.

In a week of competitions that included everything from swimming to speed climbing, he competed against former Corrie star Ryan Thomas, The Wanted’s Max George, Love Island’s Wes Nelson, Harry Potter actor Josh Herdman, and ex-Strictly Come Dancing pro Kevin Clifton. A winner was ultimately selected.

And when Colson competed in the Men’s 50m Freestyle at the London Aquatics Center, he gained the admiration of the audience.

Prior to diving into the water, it was revealed in the VT that he had only recently picked up swimming as part of his preparation for the event.

Even though he finished last, he rapidly gained popularity because, in addition to having just recently learned to swim, he also managed to shave an astonishing 10 seconds off his previous best time, finishing the race in 47.71 seconds.

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