ITV Coronation Street spoilers detail Kelly Neelan’s ‘explosive’ exit as Millie Gibson quits soap

Fans of Coronation Street can expect a busy week as Kelly Neelan appears to be leaving the cobblestones in a “explosive” way. It happens as Millie Gibson, the soap’s actress for four years, gets ready to leave this month.

Kelly’s departure may happen sooner rather than later, according to spoilers for this week’s episodes. The troubled teen has been hell-bent on retaliation since since learning the truth about Gary’s participation in her father’s murder.

Todd was unable to provide Kelly with any “shady” contacts, so Kelly went to the police station to find her assailant. She presents Kieron with a £10,000 reward for killing Gary while pretending not to recognize him.

After setting her plan into motion, Kelly tells Aadi that she has already purchased their tickets to Bangkok, but she forgets to mention that they are just one-way. At the engagement party, she later becomes so filled with resentment that she confesses to Gary what she thinks he did to her father.

Gary sees Kelly standing with Kieron as he chases after her before being knocked out cold and taken to the scene of his murder of Rick. Gary is then held at gunpoint while being forced to begin digging his own grave by Kieron and fellow thug Al.

After Kieron takes her to the roof of a shuttered mill and reveals his scheme to blame Kelly for Gary’s death, Kelly finds herself in danger as well.

Kelly’s fate is unknown as a gunshot may be heard only a short while later.

“Now that the news is out about me quitting the cobbles, I just want to say I’ve had the most wonderful four years,” Millie remarked when her departure was first officially announced. I’ve learned a lot growing up here and will always be grateful for the time I was given and the storylines I was given.

I can’t express how excited I am for you guys to see the upcoming episodes of Coronation Street and how grateful I am that they allowed me to be a small part of this wonderful family. Kelly Neelan will always have a special place in my heart. I appreciate your support, everyone of you.

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