ITV Coronation Street: Real life of Glenda Shuttleworth actress Jodie Prenger – ‘feral’ home life, weightloss, off-screen love and link to Corrie icon

Jodie Prenger’s debut on Coronation Street has allowed her to realize a long-held desire.

The ‘fun and sassy’ sister of George Shuttleworth, Glenda, was introduced to audiences during scenes that aired on the ITV soap opera on Friday night (August 4). Glenda was portrayed by Tony Maudsley, who originally appeared in Weatherfield back in 2020.

The protagonist quickly made herself known, rescuing her sibling and turning the tide of events.

A supper prepared by Sean Tully ends in disaster when George breaks his teeth, as viewers saw earlier this week. However, he put off going to the dentist since Mr. Pugh’s funeral came first.

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The day of the funeral eventually came, and in classic George form, the undertaker admitted that he had taken some of Eileen’s powerful medications to relieve his toothache. However, Todd realized George was high and pushed him into one of the funeral cars. Upon her arrival, Mrs. Pugh gave Todd the third degree.

But just in time, Glenda showed up, noticed George dozing off in the back of the funeral car, and promptly assumed control of the situation.

And as was already said, Jodie’s role as Glenda is the realization of a dream for the actress who first caught audiences’ attention in 2008 as the winner of the BBC series I’d Do Anything.

Her family has always been a devoted following of Corrie, and they even have a connection to one of the show’s legends.

“My family is from Manchester, all from Moss Side, and they used to run a laundrette and a cafe business. My Nan’s brother used to deliver Pat Phoenix’s groceries,” the 43-year-old said in an interview with the Manchester Evening News. As Jodie began to cry, she added: “Elsie Tanner was idolized by Terry Doyle, my grandmother.

“I believe it is truly an honor to be a part of a constitution and a family when you have loved something for such a long time. It has truly felt like that since entering. It’s just a large, functioning, beautiful family, and it means the world to me.

” “I remember pulling up to the gates of ITV on my first day, and it seemed like I was at MGM Studios,” she continued. It was incredible. Disney World wasn’t something I required. I had already arrived!

Jodie has experience working as a cruise ship singer outside of Corrie; she spent several months performing as one of the principal entertainers on Disney Wonder. This experience is similar to that of her new character.

But before she became famous for playing Nancy in Oliver in the West End after winning I Do Anything, she actually began her career in cabaret in Blackpool.

The actor additionally portrayed Miss Hannigan in Annie, Shirley in Shirley Valentine, and Kelly in the late Kay Mellor’s musical Fat Friends.

Jodie has also appeared as Helen in the National Theatre production of A Taste of Honey. She has also worked as a regular commentator on The Alan Titchmarsh Show and This Morning.

But Jodie’s personal life is very different from the character she is currently portraying on film. She told us and other press, “You wouldn’t recognize me at home.” “When I’m out with the animals, I don’t have long hair or fake eyelashes. No fancy attire or heels. To be completely honest, I look feral standing there in my wellies. I adore it.”

Added her: “For Christmas, my mother gave me one of those enormous blanket/sweater things; I believe they are called “slankets.” You’ll never catch me wearing it, I assured her. I tell you what. I’ve hardly had it off of my back!”

Jodie, however, has a very tranquil home life and can easily go from and to filming because of her role in Corrie. “My animals and my fella, Simon, both like me when I’m at home,” she remarked. “I love taking care of rescued animals. Honestly, I like animals better than people! If I didn’t do what I do, I’d spend my entire life trying to save animals.”

She continued by explaining: “Thankfully, we have space at our home, which is close to Preston, for the three rescue cows, three rescue ducks, three rescue cats, and three rescue dogs we now have. In addition, I have Harry, my cockerel, and roughly 17 other rescue hens. Harry, my poor Harry, loves having me home every day despite his current health issues. If there is such a thing, I suppose I’ll have to purchase him a tiny chicken wheelchair!”

She also expressed her want for more animals, saying, “I’d love more animals so if anyone knows of a one-eyed goat or three-legged pig, I’m just putting that out there.”

Jodie is in love with her partner, businessman Simon Booth, as she has stated.

Just two years after the couple’s 2010 meeting, in 2012, Simon proposed to Jodie. But just a few days after they got engaged, Jodie lost her father Marty suddenly, which was devastating.

Ten days after receiving a kidney cancer diagnosis, her father’s condition deteriorated and he went suddenly. She addressed HELLO! in 2012 about her unhappiness at the moment, saying: “Never before have I gone through the emotional extremes I have these past few weeks. I’m just relieved that Dad was informed that I would be taken care of. Dad always assured me that Simon would keep me safe since he treated him like a son. Like my father, Simon is a wonderful man with a good soul.”

Jodie had a prior engagement. The singer was competing on I’d Do Anything when her then-boyfriend, Steve Greengrass, proposed during week three.

Just a few months previously, they had gone on their first date to Jodie’s Manchester audition. But in the months that followed, the romance lost steam.

He had already announced to the media that he would propose, and following their breakup, Steve did a kiss’n’tell with a newspaper. Later, Jodie stated: “He even sold a story about how he was going to propose, so I don’t believe he asked me to marry him out of love but rather to make money. Did that tale cover the cost of the ring, I constantly wonder?”

Although Jodie and Simon, both 48, have been engaged for ten years, there are currently no plans for a wedding. She told The Sun, “We’ve just never gotten around to it since the work keeps coming in and there isn’t time. “I believe that we are already wed. But I couldn’t live without him.

He shares my love of animals and is incredibly encouraging. And I need someone to clean up after me like him! He’s incredibly organized, whereas I’m like a Tasmanian devil, similar to Glenda from Corrie, who enters and scatters everything.”

Over the years, there have also been reports about Jodie’s weight.

She dropped from a size 26 and over 18st to 9st 9lbs to win the second season of Living TV’s The Biggest Loser weight loss competition in 2006, earning $25,000 in prize money. Jodie began working out three hours a day to maintain her reduced form after the show ended.

“I struggled to keep the weight off, and it didn’t help that I enjoy a good cheeseboard and a glass of Prosecco occasionally. The most important thing right now is that I’m having fun and not beating myself up about my weight “She spoke. “Simply put, a size 10–12 wasn’t practical. In addition, I had shrunk too much. I was relieved to lose a few pounds and restore some curves.”

But after meeting Simon and grieving the loss of her father, Jodie’s weight started to cause problems once more.

She previously stated, “I was drinking too much and eating whatever crap we could find at stupid o’clock in the morning, whether it was steak and chips in a fine cafe or a burger from a takeaway.

And before making her Corrie debut, Jodie acknowledged: “My weight fluctuated like a bride’s nightgown. I’m okay with it sometimes and not other times, “She spoke to The Sun. But every time I do, I find myself saying, “God, I wish I were as large as I was the first time I thought I was big, you know?”

“And that simply proves that you should appreciate life for what it is and enjoy it while you can. I therefore enjoy working out as well as going out and having a good time with my pals. I recently purchased a Peloton cycle, but as we speak, it is hanging up my nightgown. Isn’t life far too short?”

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