ITV Coronation Street Phill Whittaker star’s showbiz wife and footballing past

Recently, Coronation Street’s Phill Whittaker has established himself as a major character.

Jamie Kenna, who debuted in the cast in 2021, performs the role. When Fiz Stape and Tyrone Dobbs’ relationship was in trouble when Phill landed on the Cobbles.

He and the Jennie McAlpine-played character hit it off right away, and their romance grew stronger over time.

The wedding was supposed to take place this week, but it was marred by drama when the registrar had to cancel and Tyrone gave the bride a set of Vera’s old earrings.

Thankfully, Jamie’s love life is simpler than that of his on-screen counterpart away from the Cobbles.

He and Claire Marlowe have two small children together and are happily married.

Claire has also established a successful career in show business as a musician and actress.

Jamie revealed to Lorraine Kelly in an interview this week that he met his wife while they were both working on a play, and she had been in the film A Confident Man.

Jamie is a musician as well, and he just posted on Instagram that he has resumed performing in front of an audience for the first time since the pandemic.

The actor is a skilled guitarist and released a video of him singing an acoustic rendition of Purple Rain by Prince last week.

The 48-year-old is a man of many abilities because, before to becoming an actor, he played football for Rusthall FC on a semi-professional level.

The soap opera actor has also been honest about how he battled anxiety while pursuing his acting goals.

He admitted to Lorraine that he had suffered in the past and that, as a huge, hefty, 6 foot 4 guy, he fit the profile of that group.

I started having problems when I was performing in the West End production of War Horse. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, but it turned out that I had anxiety and depression.

It went on for a very long period, and I kind of suffered in silence, but after a few years I realized via meditation and other methods that talking about the issue literally cuts the problem in half.

The actor is now hoping that by telling his tale, he will inspire others to talk.

“I believe there are many individuals like me on construction sites and in regular, everyday life who don’t know what’s happening and have this anxiety flowing through them. I want to be a bit of a champion to encourage people to talk,” he said.

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