ITV Coronation Street Jodie Prenger’s weight loss admission after shedding 9 stone

Fans of Corrie were ecstatic when Jodie Prenger appeared on Friday’s program.

The 43-year-old actress plays Glenda Shuttleworth, George Shuttleworth’s sister, and she referred to the part as a dream come true. “I know I sound like a soppy sod, but being on Coronation Street has been on my bucket list ever since I was a little girl,” she remarked.

“It’s an honor, and this particular time in my life is incredibly special. to take part in something that my family and I have long loved. And what a character, I must say, a complete dream role.”

Jodie has achieved success in the entertainment industry because to her 2008 victory on the BBC Talent show I’d Do Anything.

Jodie later played Nancy in the West End production of Oliver and Shirley Valentine’s lead role.

But before she became famous, the gifted actress had already made an appearance on reality TV. For The Biggest Loser on Living TV, Jodie shared details about her weight-loss journey.

She lost 9 stone and went from a size 26 to 9st 9lbs for the event, where she won £25,000. Jodie acknowledged that a terrible routine from working shifts was to blame for her weight problems.

She reportedly stated: “Because I worked at night, I’d sit around in the day and make a sandwich for something to do,” according to the Daily Star.

I couldn’t cook, so I would always eat out. After shows, I would have a KFC or a cheese sandwich. It filled my hunger even though I knew it was bad.”

Jodie, who had to work out for three hours a day to maintain her figure, has recently acknowledged that she is happier now that she has put on weight again. She uttered: “I struggled to keep the weight off, and it didn’t help that I enjoy a good cheeseboard and a glass of prosecco occasionally.

The most important thing right now is that I’m having fun and not beating myself up about my weight. Simply put, a size 10–12 wasn’t practical. In addition, I had shrunk too much. I was relieved to recover a few pounds and some curves.

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