ITV Coronation Street horror as Stu Carpenter’s secret is finally revealed as actor teases more ‘twists and turns’

Fans of Coronation Street were astounded when Stu Carpenter’s secret was eventually made public.

The character, portrayed by Bill Fellows, originally appeared in the ITV soap opera last year, and he soon gained notoriety as the homeless guy who discovered the evidence that allowed Corey Brent to be held accountable for the brutal murder of Seb Franklin.

But Stu was exposed as a murderer in scenes that were broadcast on Friday night (August 5).

Viewers will be left unsure of who to trust as frightened Yasmeen Metcalfe tells her granddaughter Alya she never wants to see Stu again as he maintains his innocence.

Even though Stu has been a regular character in the drama for almost a year, with a job at Speed Daal and a place to live with Yasmeen, not much was known about the character other than the fact that he was alienated from his family and had previously served as a cook in the Navy.

However, in scenes that were broadcast last week, Corrie viewers saw Stu finally meet his daughter Bridget after Yasmeen discovered her address in response to Stu’s disappointment over his most recent gift being returned. But Bridget panicked and told her dad to leave, so it wasn’t exactly a nice greeting.

Stu implored her to listen to him and reassured her that he never hurt anyone, but she was unreceptive to his pleas.

Fans question what Stu was hiding when Stu later apologizes to Yasmeen for snapping and claims it was the wrong location.

But this past week, news that the Gazette wanted to do a story on their plans for leftover food sparked enthusiasm in Speed Daal.

After calling Speed Daal, Suki from the Gazette interviews Yasmeen, Stu, Alya, and Dev Alahan about their food waste campaign. Suki is fascinated when Stu says that Yasmeen gave him a lifeline while he was destitute.

But he later learned to his horror that he was prominently featured in the newspaper piece.

Then, to add to the shock, Stu was mortified to later run into his ex-wife, Lucy, at Speed Daal.

As Lucy reminded her ex of Charlie Walter, the little girl he murdered, she gave Stu the command to avoid Bridget and revealed a shocking story from Stu’s background.

Stu argued his innocence, telling Yasmeen and Alya that he was wrongfully detained for the death of a little girl, while Lucy marched out of the restaurant.

When Lucy and Yasmeen hook up at Victoria Garden, Yasmeen tells them how Stu admitted to having an affair with a young waitress and killed her. Yasmeen then orders him out of the restaurant. Yasmeen informs Alya that she does not want to see Stu ever again and that it is genuine.

Bill, who portrays him, said the following about the moment he learned about Stu’s past: “I thought the plot was fantastic when Iain MacLeod, Corrie’s producer, first described it to me, and I enjoyed the twist.

It astonished me to learn that Stu had spent 27 years in prison. It also startled me to learn that Stu had an affair with a young waitress while he was married and had a child at home. But the reason I refer to Stu as having flaws is because of this. I enjoy this plot because Stu has flaws, and I like that he has made mistakes.”

If anyone had successfully guessed his character’s secret, Bill replied: “Reading what others have been saying online and their suspicions about Stu has been incredibly interesting.

When I remark that Stu has been in prison for 27 years, I still think, “Wow, that is a lifetime.” Someone on social media mentioned that they believed Stu had been in prison, which was accurate. However, no one has ever predicted why Stu was in prison or how long Stu had been in prison.”

Now, Stu must demonstrate his innocence. The first important step, according to Bill, is to persuade Yasmeen, Alya, and Zeedan—the people he cares about—to trust him.

“Without giving anything away, this tale has a lot of twists and turns; Stu not only needs to establish his innocence, but there are other things as well. This story has a ton of different components at play. Now that bombshell has detonated.”

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