ITV Coronation Street first look as Kelly Neelan made prisoner in kidnap horror

A first glance at the drama reveals that Millie Gibson was right when she hinted that her Coronation Street character would face danger.

The ITV soap opera has shown the exact moment Kelly Neelan finds herself trapped in a dark cellar when her well-intentioned plans go horribly wrong.

The following week, when Kelly meets Aadi Alahan outside of the barbershop, her companion is astonished when a bundle of cash spills out of her bag.

According to Kelly, the money belonged to her father, and she is attempting to give it back to the people he defrauded throughout the years.

When the schoolgirl was presented with a bag of cash Gary found while cleaning her dad’s former home, Corrie fans already believed this was the case months before.

After first saying she didn’t want to spend the money or save it in a bank account for her future, she vanished with the bag, making viewers believe she was trying to make up for the individuals her loan shark father exploited after one guy attended his burial and threw up on his coffin.

Aadi begs Kelly to talk to her guardian Gary, but Kelly ignores him and goes ahead with her plans.

Sparks flare when Gary learns of her plans because he is all too aware of how deadly Rick’s associates are.

The teen, who claims to be Rick Neelan’s daughter, is soon observed calling at a house.

She says she’s trying to atone for her dad’s misdeeds as she hands Ross an envelope stuffed with cash.

But he dismisses her and closes the door in her direction. Kelly is unfazed by this and, despite a dramatic confrontation with Gary, decides to ignore his advice and meet up with one of Rick’s former associates, sealing her own doom.

In scenes that will appear on Friday, July 15, Kelly is apprehended by Kieron, one of her dad’s nefarious former clients, after she finds him to return his money.

Kelly is abducted at this same moment and imprisoned in a cellar, where she is scared that her time is running out.

Since 2019, Millie has been portraying Kelly on the cobblestones. She said: “Kelly is upset.

She feels as like she has reached her lowest point each time she finds herself in one of these situations, but another one soon arises, continuing the vicious cycle of unfavorable circumstances for her.

Kelly is scared for her safety since she knows what her father was capable of doing and what his enemies would do.

Will Kelly be able to escape this situation given that she put herself in risk by playing with fire? She’s just so gullible sometimes, Millie said in reference to past encounters with Ross to the Manchester Evening News and other media.

Added her: “She simply dismisses it as a close call and goes about her normal day. The problem is that she doesn’t pay attention to anyone, and you start to see… Aadi agrees with Gary in saying that it is not a good idea for her to do it. But she is correct—she always is—and she never really learns.”

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