ITV Coronation Street fans think they have spotted two soap icons during Kelly’s cellar scenes

As Kelly Neelan’s kidnapping ordeal went on, Coronation Street viewers were left feeling pretty distracted.

The Millie Gibson-played teen was begging to be released after being shoved into a filthy cellar when viewers of the ITV soap last saw her.

Fans are aware that Kelly has been using her late father’s money to repay his clients in an effort to make up for his wrongdoings.

Things had been going according to plan, but everything changed when she knocked on Ross Neelan’s door. Ross quickly realized Kelly was Rick Neelan’s daughter, and as the schoolgirl backed away from his house after giving him the envelope containing the money, he made an enigmatic phone call.

Kelly was taken hostage and kidnapped the next thing viewers knew, and it wasn’t until Monday night’s episode (July 18) that viewers realized who was provoking some sort of retaliation.

Fans of Corrie could see Ross returning to the scene and being joined by Kieron, who was expressing his feelings to Kelly in a distressing manner.

Gary becomes alarmed when Aadi reveals that Kelly visited another of her father’s former clients while Kelly’s guardians Gary and Maria discovered she had not been home all night.

Kelly was given a phone by Kieran, who instructed her to text Gary to let him know she was okay.

However, Gary immediately realized something was wrong when he received the text asking him to inform her mother that she was fine.

Despite Kelly’s protests that she had spent all of her father’s money and had nothing left, Kieron was telling her that he wanted the remaining funds.

Unfazed, he dialed Gary’s number from her phone and informed him that he would need to raise £50,000 in order to bring Kelly back to life.

The two heavyweights who managed to kidnap Kelly and hold her captive, however, diverted the attention of the audience because they resembled two rival renowned soap opera stars. Tweeted @pam debeauvoir: “Grant Mitchell and Phil in Corrie? #Corrie.” “I hope Kelly doesn’t get wounded by #Corrie’s Phil Mitchell,” said @RyanGSoapKing11 on Twitter.

“Phil lad, your in the wrong soap,” wrote @PJDavies1962, “#Corrie.” RT @AntMelia94: “Would you mind telling me why Phil and Grant Mitchell are holding Kelly hostage in the Tower of London? #Corrie.

On Facebook, Rachel-Amy Snowden stated: “For a while, I thought Phil Mitchel had gone to the wrong soap.”

Viewers of Corrie were also irritated when Gary made a crucial error after she deftly made a call to his phone. Tweeted @DannyFlexen was: “Gary ignores his phone as Kelly is missing and might be in danger. Simply poor writing. #Corrie.” You only leave your phone at home when you are extremely concerned about someone, according to @janwilkins59, who also tweeted about “Corrie.”

echoed @unsworth1live “You’re worried about your missing foster daughter, so Gary turns his phone on silent and leaves it on a table. WTF!!” Posted by @ConversationStr: “Gary, what the hell are you doing not having your phone with you at all times when you have a MISSING CHILD? #corrie.”

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