ITV Coronation Street fans tell Ken to ‘look behind him’ as he gets emotional about his past 

Following the most recent journey to the cobbles, Coronation Street viewers acknowledged feeling a little sentimental.

When Ken Barlow met Wendy Papadopoulos, nee Crozier, face to face, he was confronted by his past.

They last interacted in 2012, but as followers of the ITV soap opera are aware, she has been aiding Abi Webster in winning back custody of her son, Alfie.

Wendy has kept her connections to one of Weatherfield’s most well-known residents a secret, despite the fact that she is aware that Abi resides there.

But she ultimately came clean about her relationship with the patriarch of the Barlow family.

“Ken and I had a bit of a thing back in the day,” Wendy explained. “It ended up costing him his marriage,” she added, detailing her affair with Ken from 1989 to 1990 which caused him and his wife Deirdre, played by the late Anne Kirkbride to split up.

After the affair ended, Ken and Deirdre did get back together, but things were once again derailed when Wendy started working for Ken and lied to Deirdre, saying that she and Ken had resumed their covert romance.

Ken told Wendy he never wanted to see her again after learning of her betrayal.

Wendy was therefore shocked to learn about Deidre’s passing in 2015, several years prior. Abi chose to aid Wendy because she wanted to assist Wendy mend old hurts.

Wendy’s return was not well received by Ken’s daughter Tracy, but Abi was able to move Tracy out of the way so that Wendy could go to Number 1 and speak with Ken. In heartfelt scenes, Wendy expressed her regret to Ken for trying to destroy his marriage and making Deidre question their commitment to one another.

She was aware, Ken said. “In the same way that she understood that despite our differences, we were intended to be together.

to the finish The two seemed to put their pasts behind them, but as Wendy was leaving, Tracy saw her and said, “Mum would turn in her grave!”

But Ken seemed to disagree with his daughter, saying it was time to forgive and forget what had happened and that the past should be left in the past.

Ken remarked, “Goodbye Wendy,” adding, “I don’t suppose our paths will cross again,” and their reunion came to an end.

Ken began to reflect on the past after Wendy’s return, and Tracy later saw him poring over some letters from Deirdre and other mementos.

The actor, Bill Roache, commented, “I never loved anyone the way I loved Deirdre. I still adore her.

“What a blessing it was to be loved in return. How fortunate we were to have met each other, “Corrie fans were commenting on the moving scenes on social media, he continued.

Using a gif of The Rock stating “Don’t Cry,” @mikepriestley13 tweeted: “Aww Ken getting sad talking about losing Deirdre #Corrie.”

“Ken hurting my heart #Corrie,” tweeted @ jennifer1878. RT @BonnieBabyVamp: “Oh, God! Here, I’m becoming full. Although Ken is the official one, God bless Bill.

Corrie.” Sue Maguire posted on Facebook, saying: “I started crying when Ken was talking about Deirdre in that scene.

” “Ken talking about Deirdre was sad as well as sincere,” Donna Miller continued. “I think Bill Roache was actually talking about Anne Kirkbride in that scene.”

They couldn’t help but notice the sizable portrait of Deidre/Anne on the dresser behind him, which showed the late actor and character grinning widely.

Tweeted @padja1: “The Ken on ‘Corrie

Look behind you, Ken. I simply want to see her (Deirdre’s) face once again “posting a screen shot of Ken with Deidre’s beaming face in the background.

echoed by @Dazb1874 “Corrie: @itvcorrie Ken: Everyday, how I wish I could turn around and look at her face just one more time.”

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