ITV Coronation Street fans take aim as they spot ‘magic’ in Sean and Glenda scenes

Glenda Shuttleworth’s debut on Corrie last week stunned the audience.

The sister of funeral director George Shuttleworth was first introduced to ITV soap opera viewers last Friday. When George took too many potent medications at work, she immediately made a difference on the cobblestones and helped him avoid getting into trouble.

George was found to be dozing off in the rear of the funeral car, so she promptly assumed control of the situation.

George later made an embarrassed appearance while Glenda, Todd, and Sean Tully praised how wonderfully the funeral went after the wake in the Rovers Return.

He was overjoyed to see his sister again, who revealed to her new friends that she performs on cruise liners. And she wasn’t the only one who was happy to see George.

After noticing Sean had a thing for dentist Laurence, one of the mourners at Mr. Pugh’s funeral, Glenda quickly bonded with Sean.

Sean, the Rovers bartender and Underworld mechanic, was dejected on Monday night’s (8 August) excursion to Weatherfield.

Eileen Grimshaw said to Glenda that he was moping around number 11 since he had lost the chance to meet Laurence.

Glenda was then shown pledging to find him on behalf of Sean as Eileen appeared slightly upset, and George was admiring his sister’s chutzpah.

Jodie Prenger’s Glenda then devised a plan, suggesting that Sean pose as a client at Laurence’s dental office.

The Weatherfield newcomer then stunned Sean by saying she had scheduled a dentist appointment for him later that day. However, Sean wasn’t the only one who was startled because Corrie viewers think they saw “magic” in the moments.

Along with a gif of a crowd applauding, @Goldflazz1986 tweeted: “Jesus, Sean getting a dentist appointment on the same day Glenda rang for one…..#Corrie.” Anthrojak stated: “Dental appointment? This magic, what magic? #Corrie.”

“Ah #Corrie had its finger on the pulse offering Sean a same day emergency dental appointment the day the news is full of people ripping their own teeth out because they can’t go to a dentist,” tweeted @cassandra2020.

@jeffnewton1 left a comment “Sean is looking for a dentist on Corrie. Are we not all?”

Sean’s actor Antony Cotton has previously hinted that Laurence will show up in the ITV soap as his new love interest. The soap actress posted a selfie on Instagram at the end of last month with Robert Shaw Cameron, who had joined the cast during their summer party.

Antony, 43, said the following under the image: “This could be one to keep… #RobShawCameron #Shaw #Laurence @itvcorrie @ITV” Robert has previously starred in an episode of Corrie, when he played a police officer.

He did, however, also appear in Heartbeat and Holby City. Additionally, people were eager to comment on the potential new pairing. “Oh oh god, you deserve this “Shaun”!! Xx,” tweeted @ktblea7. Responded @Maureen01549184: “Absolutely! You two look lovely together.” Love it, as stated by @GmaTimesEight. Added @Gabbysherwin: “Yes, at long last!”

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