ITV Coronation Street fans stunned by ‘mindless violence’ as they ‘rumble’ sinister Audrey twist

When viewers turned in to the most recent Coronation Street show, they got more than they bargained for. Since Stephen Reid returned to Weatherfield in June, viewers of the ITV soap opera have had serious reservations about him. When his mother Audrey fell in the barbershop, he acted fast to save her.

Although the cause of his return to the cobbles has remained a mystery, viewers have now come to the conclusion that Stephen must be short on cash because he was even seen using his wife’s credit card. They also believe he is pursuing his mother’s estate. Furthermore, scenes that were broadcast on Wednesday night made this extremely clearer (August 31).

Audrey had a change of heart after nagging his mother to sign documents for trust funds for her children and grandchildren after she decided to put Stephen in charge while her family quarreled over her money. Audrey revealed to her daughter Gail that she had tried suicide in heartbreaking scenes.

Later, she told David and Sarah the news, shocking them both and leaving them devastated by their grandmother’s conduct. While acting astonished, Stephen immediately began bugging his mother for the trust fund documents after having a private conversation with Adam Barlow, a solicitor and Sarah’s husband.

He claimed that when Adam suggested he prod her, she said she’d changed her mind and that now that the salon was reopening, she had more things to worry about. After sharing her suicide attempt with her family, Audrey later informed Gail, Sarah, David, and Stephen that she would be drafting a will to distribute her inheritance among them.

She said that Stephen had graciously stated he didn’t require the money, so she wouldn’t be adding him. However, he quickly fled the house and was observed outside, away from the main street, kicking and throwing trash cans. And the scenes made Corrie viewers giggle uncontrollably.

Stephen throwing the wheelie bin around was one of the funniest things she has seen in a while, Dorothy Goodman said on Facebook. When Steven threw the wheelie bin, Alison Archer exclaimed, “I thought his shirt was going to rip off and he was going to turn green!! Cringing!” Oh my, Stephen went wild and threw the blue wheelie bins all around, Tracey Lee echoed. He looked like he was going to turn green, haha.

Has the society for the prevention of cruelty to bins been contacted, Liv Macads asked in jest. I had to turn my head. It was violent without thought. These awful dumpsters were simply left on the ground.

” “#Corrie Stephen twirling the bin while having his temper tantrum was hilarious,” tweeted @CallumKeith1999. “Stephen’s freak out/Hulk smash scene was the funniest thing #corrie’s done in months,” commented @Ockeghem1497.

But after Stephen’s frightening remark at the end of the episode, some Corrie viewers have expressed concern about Audrey. He was teased by nephew David as he arrived for dinner in the Bistro after having to purchase a new suit from the charity shop, but he insisted that he did so in order to “take a risk” and added, “What have I got to lose?” while sipping on a glass of wine.

On Facebook, Janet Gilliard wrote: “Think Steven would fake Audrey’s signature before attempting to kill her to make it appear as though she tried suicide again.” @deanobeanos concurred, saying, “I felt the same,” in response to @amz07’s tweet that “Stephen the snake is going to kill Aud by poisoning her and make it look like she’s taken another overdose #corrie.”

@MichZiff foresaw: “Before Audrey can draft a new will, Stephen is going to kill her! Make it appear like a second overdose. #corrie.” Posted by @deanobeanos: “I wonder if Stephen would drug Audrey to try to kill her, but if he succeeds, he will make it appear like a suicide. #Corrie.”

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