ITV Coronation Street fans say it’s ‘about time’ as they make demand to soap bosses

As a new week of Coronation Street began on Monday night, viewers were left speechless. The most recent visit to Weatherfield took an emotional and thought-provoking turn when Audrey Roberts revealed that only a few weeks prior, she had made an attempt on her own life.

Fans of the soap opera Corrie recently witnessed the beloved character needing medical attention after leaving an early family gathering at the Bistro. She was then caught lying to her worried daughter Gail about being at home and telling a doctor that she had unintentionally taken too many pills.

Since then, she has persisted in telling her own doctor that this is the situation, but Dr. Gaddass has prescribed anti-depressants.

And in scenes that were broadcast last night (August 16), Sue Nicholls’ character Audrey found the time to speak up while having afternoon tea with friends Ken Barlow, Rita Tanner, Roy Cropper, and Claudia Colby.

Her friends were shocked when she revealed that she had attempted suicide, and in typical soap fashion, the restaurant of one of fancy hotels owned by Debbie Webster went dark just as a waiter carrying a cake and singing happy birthday appeared.

After the show was ended, Audrey revealed that after taking sleeping pills, her “nosy neighbor” had discovered her slumped.

The group of soap opera veterans were visibly upset by Audrey’s revelation and inquired about the circumstances surrounding the suicide attempt. They also admitted guilt for failing to recognize the warning signs that their friend was having trouble. As they talked about the difficulties that getting older can bring, Audrey acknowledged that she had repressed her emotions.

When they got home from their afternoon tea, the group came together to come up with a strategy to take care of her when they saw Audrey returning to her former salon and taking a huge step by taking her prescribed medication for the first time.

The sequences in Corrie that addressed mental health concerns and the effects of loneliness on senior citizens received a lot of positive feedback from fans. They also expressed their satisfaction over another aspect of the touching scenes and made a demand to the producers of the soap opera.

“I felt extremely emotional watching Corries tonight, but it was nice to see the elder characters all together,” Caroline Denham commented on Facebook. Carol Mcnulty reaffirmed: “The Corrie this evening was fantastic, as it always is when the oldies get together. So sad and amusing.” Great episode tonight, proves you need “The Oldies,” observed Jan Sullivan. Added Sharon Higgins: “What a fantastic episode this evening. The Oldies took center stage! Absolutely outstanding”

“Yes, we are not all enamored with the young ones,” @pauldonnelley said. Attracey.ll wrote: “I’m really like this part where the older people have a good chinwag outside the bar. @coronationstreet It’s about time.” pleaded @Sean McLachlan: “Please air more episodes with the four venerable elderly people. They are outstanding! #Corrie.” “More oldies, they’re the greatest #Corrie,” concurred @Lealea2009.

The plot, according to Jacqui Morrissey, assistant director of research and influencing at the Samaritans, has effectively represented the complexity and rarity of single-issue suicide causes. Frequently brought up topics that everyone can experience at any time are isolation and loneliness, according to our listening volunteers.

“Because the past few years have been so terrible, many Coronation Street fans may have struggled at points. It’s important for people to know that there is help out there and to feel comfortable reaching out if they are having a hard time.

It can be incredibly beneficial to discuss your issues with a close friend, member of your family, or a support group. On 116 123, by email at, or online at, Samaritans can be reached at any time for free.”

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