ITV Coronation Street fans say character ‘stole the show’ as Phill tried to win Fiz back

Fans of Coronation Street got the first glimpse of the consequences of Fiz Stape and Phill Whittaker’s disastrous nuptials.

The couple wed last week in front of a small group of close relatives and friends at a lavish wedding location after a string of setbacks.

The machinist appeared to falter during the vows that were broadcast in the ITV soap on Friday night, despite her best efforts to proceed with the marriage and her refusal of former Tyrone Dobbs’ most recent attempts (July 8).

However, Fiz triumphed, and Phill and she were formally welcomed as husband and wife.

However, only a few hours later, during the celebration at the Bistro, Fiz called an emotional Phill aside and informed him that their marriage had already ended.

Phill entered the stage and gave an emotional version of Build Me Up as she ran back into Tyrone’s arms and they were seen sharing an intense embrace on the street (Buttercup).

And on Monday night (July 11), when Fiz and Tyrone reconnected, there were blushes. She admitted her affections for Tyrone, and the two of them spent the night together.

However, unpleasant moments resulted when Phill abruptly showed up at 9 Coronation Street and interrupted them.

Phill pleaded with Fiz for one more shot. He also warned her that he would be unable to handle the betrayal if she went back to Tyrone.

Then, he made an effort to go above and above by surprising her with a romantic supper at the Bistro.

However, it wasn’t just any supper because a mariachi band serenaded them.

Even though Fiz, who had been set up with Tyrone, wasn’t impressed, she didn’t seem to be able to resist Phill’s attempts to win her back, including his suggestion that they go on their “mini moon” and her ultimatum that she give him two weeks to change her mind or he’ll foot the bill for the annulment.

Later in the Rovers, Phill told Tyrone—whom Fiz had sworn to silence about their reunion—about his secret and urged him to be his wingman in courting his wife once more, despite Tyrone’s presence as an attempt to persuade him to leave Fiz alone.

Then, when Fiz’s grandmother Evelyn Plummer and the kids Hope and Ruby were outside, Tyrone made advances to Fiz inside his home.

While some Corrie fans were immediately outraged by the explicit scenes, others were eager to point out Debbie Webster as the true star of the program.

The owner, grinning and dancing around as she checked on her tables, seemed to be enjoying the music Phill was playing at the Bistro.

And the audience was enraptured. Tweeted @fulbut: “Debbie was hilarious, but if Phil had merely planned that lunch, I would have divorced him! #corrie.” David Joseph Law 2 left a comment “Oh my goodness, the Mariachi band, and Debbie circling. Excellent #corrie

@jayneyb808 wrote: “I’ve sobbed, CRIED laughing at the marachi band scenario in the cafe in #Corrie! Debbie Webster and Fiz’s face dancing to La Bamba while they are in pain! Scene of the year.”

Posted by Barb Wallace on Facebook: “Debbie dancing about is really amusing! Nice to see some lightheartedness returning, not all doom and gloom!” Debbie “took the scene so humorously,” said Shirley Renton Young. “Omg that was wonderful and Debbie stole the night so funny,” echoed Sharon Harris Price.

She wore a paisley-patterned mini-dress with long sleeves that had been decorated with black feathers while at work, and people were enamored with her appearance. @HildaOgdenOnSea tweeted in response to @RussellHayward’s tweet, “Obsessed with Debbie’s feather cuffs #Corrie,” “Obsessed with Debbie fullflaminstop.”

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