ITV Coronation Street fans relieved as Jude Riordan shows off cast

Fans of Coronation Street were relieved when Jude Riordan revealed the rationale behind his casting.

Fans have been blown away by the St Helens, England, 11-year-portrayal old’s of Sam Blakeman in the ITV soap opera. Jude’s parents manage his Instagram account, routinely updating its 71.7k followers with news from his life as he pursues an exciting Hollywood career.

They uploaded a picture of Jude with a cast on his arm. Concerns were allayed when it was discovered that the cast was a prosthetic used to film Jude’s Sky TV show, Brassic.

I HAVE NOT BROKEN MY ARM, the caption said. The fourth installment of BRASSIC DAY series is happening today. A behind-the-scenes photo shows Tyler getting his cast fitted. awesome fun

Fans rushed the comments section, happy to learn the truth about his casting.

“Thank god for that,” remarked Lesley.

“Phew good news it’s phony,” Stephen continued.

Relieved to read the caption, Jane wrote in her post.

Lydia stated: “I initially believed you had broken it. Jude, I hope you enjoyed filming it.”

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