ITV Coronation Street fans notice policing change as they ‘work out’ who Spider is watching – and it’s not Toyah

Fans of Coronation Street were shocked to learn that Spider Nugent is an undercover police officer, and they couldn’t believe what they were seeing and hearing. The returning character’s true identity was finally revealed in scenes that were broadcast on the ITV soap opera on Monday night (September 12), when DS Swain confronted him.

Fans of Corrie may recall Spider, portrayed by Martin Hancock, declaring his love for Toyah Habeeb earlier in the episode. The Georgia Taylor-played character had become enraged with her ex after learning of his marriage. But he informed her that his marriage was over on the most recent trip to Weatherfield.

Imran’s enraged mother Saira was spotted peering up at them as they shared a passionate kiss on the balcony and made the decision to conceal their relationship until Toyah’s murder trial was over. When DS Swain asked for names, she was then seen informing her about Toyah’s new relationship and responding that she didn’t know his real name but that he goes by the name Spider.

After a brief change in attitude, DS Swain was later seen confronting Spider and asking him for information regarding Toyah. As the latest revelation from the soap opera Corrie left them in disbelief, viewers quickly flocked to social media. “Ooh! Now that’s a twist I didn’t see coming. #Corrie,” wrote @rozlaws in a tweet.

Wow, spider is a cop, I never saw that coming! #Corrie, @caseylangleyR22 repeated. @Ockeghem1497 and @mishybabez_ also commented: “I knew it! I knew Spider was an undercover cop. Cannot wait for Toyah’s response eek! #Corrie.”

Others, however, weren’t as persuaded. What a joke #Corrie has become, Spider Nugent an undercover police officer. Good grief! Never seen anything so ludicrous in my life, remarked @tracytcb. “The real Spider Nugent of our hearts will NEVER become a cop. F**kin hell. #Corrie.”

Some Corrie fans couldn’t help but make jokes about PC Craig Tinker, the resident officer of the street, and how there is now competition as the big reveal set in.

We have PC Craig Tinker and now now Detective Constable Nugent, 2 of the least probable coppers going, John commented on Facebook. Jessica added: “Maybe there will be two coppers in Weatherfield now, not just the one covering every incident there is.”

And while if DS Swain may be requesting information about Toyah right now, many fans of the soap opera do not believe that this is the person the freshly returned character should be keeping an eye on. “Spider is a detective.. he’s undercover on griff #Corrie,” read a tweet from @mikepriestley13. “So now we know the aim of the spider and griff narrative! Nice one corrie!” tweeted @Gillianapply. “I suppose he’s following Griff,” said Lynne on Facebook. “I think he’s watching Griff, not Toyah.”

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