ITV Coronation Street fans issue warning after emotional depression storyline

After praising the ITV Coronation Street soap opera with its Audrey Roberts-centered depression plotline, fans have given a warning. Sue Nicholls’ character, Audrey, confided in her friends Ken Barlow, Rita Tanner, Roy Cropper, and Claudia Colby over afternoon tea.

Audrey revealed to them that she had attempted suicide three weeks prior and that a neighbor had discovered her prostrate after she had overdosed on sleeping pills. The buddies were in shock as they attempted to process the news during Monday’s show.

They admitted feeling bad for not recognizing Audrey’s struggles earlier. She acknowledged that she had kept the incident private and hadn’t even told her family about it.

Audrey acknowledged missing her late husband Alfie, feeling useless, and turning to drink as a coping mechanism as her eyesight started to go. She made a commitment to start taking her antidepressants after confiding in her pals.

After afternoon tea, Audrey went to her old salon where she initially took her prescription and reflected on her memories of Alfie while getting a drink of water. She gave her neighbor credit for saving her by adding, “Here’s to you nosy Nicky number 7,” while turning to face the mirror.

“Life in the old girl yet Alfie love,” she continued.

Fans complimented the sequences that addressed mental health concerns and the effects of loneliness on senior citizens.

Tweeted Dawn Marie: “I’m really enjoying tonight’s #Corrie plotline. As always, #Audrey is killing it. Elderly depression is not discussed sufficiently. Bravo, @itvcorrie.”

“I adore Ken, Rita, and Roy all formulating a plan to take care of Audrey,” tweeted @AndyGibsonTV.


The woman said: “This episode is fantastic for showcasing senior social support and issues with mental health. SO crucial.”

The Audrey subplot in tonight’s episode of Corrie, according to @a w89, “shows how crucial it is to check in on one other.”

Fans have now grown skeptical of Audrey’s son Stephen, who recently made a comeback to the Street.

Stephen was repeatedly observed attempting to sign documents pertaining to a trust fund, but Audrey deflected him and insisted she wanted her salon back instead.

Love that Audrey is like her former self, but you know Stephen will sabotage it, wrote @itzzzo_.

Tweeted @judy20468475: “What an episode, wow. Audrey needs to become herself again. She will be able to tell that Stephen is trying to scam her.”

@BGrove2345 begged Stephen to leave Audrey alone.

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