ITV Coronation Street fans have theory for Stephen Reid’s downfall

Fans of Coronation Street believe they know how the murderer Stephen Reid will be exposed.

The villainous figure, played by Todd Boyce, has been planning to steal Audrey Platt’s whole fortune for weeks, keeping her family in the dark. Leo Thompkins, however, learned about the clever scheme and made the decision to face the billionaire.

Leo was supposed to be traveling to Canada, but instead he fell to his death after Stephen threw him off a balcony and into a trash can below. Leo was lying dead among the trash bags when Stephen arrived, believing he had knocked him unconscious. Stephen was terrified to see him there.

Stephen panicked and fled the scene as he and his family were leaving for dinner. Leo’s remains were later moved by him, although it was not immediately evident what he did with the body after that.

In tonight’s episode, Stephen visited the crime scene once more and discovered Leo’s cellphone, which had a lot of missed calls on it. Fans believed that him pocketing the phone was a horrible decision on his side.

They discussed their views about how they believed he would face justice on Twitter. Corrie Stephen should have left the phone there, according to Oli, as police can follow it around.

By David “It’s never a smart idea to commit murder on your own doorstep. Mark my words: Someone saw Stephen go in the Underworld wagon.” Another user said in the meantime: “Stephen Corrie It’s not a good idea for Leo to have his phone in his pocket.”

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