ITV Coronation Street fans figure out Stephen’s downfall as they make prediction after Leo death

Royal celebration Road fans have made a dooming forecast about Stephen Reid after he was uncovered as a killer. There was ghastliness on the cobbles on Monday night (September 26) as the Canadian’s urgency to keep his cash misfortunes and plans to take from his own mom calm prompted him turning into an executioner.

Leo Thompkins became dubious of Stephen after at first seeking him for counsel about moving to Canada. In any case, watchers of the ITV cleanser heaved when the pressure between the pair arrived at edge of boiling over. In the wake of finding him lying about remaining in a lodging when he truly dozed in his vehicle, Leo found that Stephen had likewise imparted a kiss to his fiancee Jenny Connor while they were on a break.

Leo wound up punching Stephen and, determined to demonstrate that he’s a liar, he contronted him about his arrangement to get his hands on the value from his mum Audrey’s home. As he followed Leo onto the Hidden world plant gantry, Leo provoked him, taking steps to call Audrey.

Seeing red, Stephen jumped at Leo and the pair got into a fought over his portable. However, it wasn’t well before Stephen sent Leo plunging over the railings with the casualty arrival in the business receptacle underneath. Stephen became disorientated as he found Leo was dead yet turned out to be diverted by the appearance of his niece, Sarah Barlow.

He figured the canisters would be purged however later, Leo was as yet encased in his disagreeable resting place thus Stephen got back to the location of the crime, tipped Leo’s dormant body out of the container and pulled him inside to conceal his body somewhere else and conceal his stunning wrongdoing.

However, Corrie fans think they understand what will ignite his defeat. In the middle of between killing Leo and moving his body, the police showed up at Hidden world as the entryway to the gantry set off the cautions. There was notice from the officials of really taking a look at the CCTV yet there seemed, by all accounts, to be no need as nothing had been taken and it was truly Stephen’s problem for leaving the entryway open.

That doesn’t mean it won’t return to cause major problems for him – perhaps! @spartacus2906 inquired: “Isn’t this all going to be recorded on Carla’s cctv? #corrie,” to which @LouiseHazeldine answered: “Trust she’s the person who brings him down – she’s never preferred him, and for good explanation!”

@Marky_Tweets expressed: “Don’t tell me… CCTV at Hidden world missed that #Corrie.” @diggamatik tweeted: “Remember the #CCTV that #Carla and the #Police referenced before #Stephen! #Corrie.” @LyndseyFitz posteD: “What might be said about CCTV #Stephen ?? I miracle will something of #Leo be found in the #Underworld van!! #Corrie.” @Juani983 added: “Gracious s**t. The CCTV! Steven will have that! #Corrie.”

In the interim, others have made a frightening forecast about the person, played by Todd Boyce. @RyanGSoapKing11 tweeted. “Stephen #Corrie’s new chronic executioner.” @lubbingJo posted: “Ahhh it seems as though we have the following chronic executioner on our hands with Stephen! #Corrie.” @DionPetrie added: “New chronic executioner? I trust so I like the chronic executioner storylines in spite of the fact that I was trusting the following executioner would be Trust #Corrie.”

Some Corrie fans, in any case, are so unsettled. @AprilQuinn2x griped: “Dear @itvcorrie do we truly need another sequential/executioner Steven going on the frenzy cause somebody has figured out his mysterious. We’ve been here previously. I’m now worn out on it #corrie.” @spinoutdaz repeated: “I love #Corrie however the show needn’t bother with another chronic executioner. there has been an excessive number of in only one road.”

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