ITV Coronation Street fans ‘figure out’ horror murder twist as they share plea over Stu and Kelly

When Stu Carpenter’s history was finally revealed last week, it came as a shock to Coronation Street viewers.

Since his debut appearance in the ITV soap opera last year, viewers haven’t learned much about the character, but the appearance of his ex-wife changed all of that.

The character of Stu, played by Bill Fellows, was revealed to be a killer in scenes that aired on Friday night (August 5). After being the focus of an article in The Gazette, he was shocked to meet his ex-wife, Lucy, at Speed Daal.

Lucy reminded her ex of Charlie Walter, the little girl he murdered, and gave him the command to keep away from their daughter Bridget before revealing the shocking fact about Stu’s background.

Stu argued his innocence, telling Yasmeen and Alya that he was wrongfully detained for the death of a little girl, while Lucy marched out of the restaurant.

Viewers were left uncertain who to trust as Stu protested his innocence, and during scenes seen on Monday night (August 8), Stu hit the bottle and was discovered on the streets by Kelly Neelan.

At the hospital, Stu yelled that she was a bother and no longer welcome, making the youngster feel rejected and unimportant and insisting that Kelly would be better off without him.

Fans of Corrie, who agreed with Kelly that Stu is innocent, concocted the hypothesis that Stu is hiding for someone else in the murder, and they believe that person to be his daughter, as Kelly sprinted away.

But given that anything can happen in the world of soap operas, some Salford-based soap opera viewers believe that Stu might be connected to Kelly’s departure after hearing that Millie Gibson will be leaving the role after four years.

On Facebook, Shirley Fiander stated: “I think Kelly is quitting Corrie…

Will Stu take the fall if she passes away for any reason? He is charged with murdering a little girl a few years ago. However, I think he is innocent.”

I’ve heard Kelly is departing Coronation Street on a grand exit, and Melissa Elton repeated, “I wonder if he actually did it and Kelly will be next would be a fantastic twist to it all.”

Added Anne Whitmore: “Poor Kelly… I’m confident Stu doesn’t mean this. Now that we know Kelly is moving on, I do wonder if everything is preparing for her departure. After all the wonderful tales we have experienced with this character, I really hope they don’t kill her off.”

“I wonder if this is going to be Kelli’s exit narrative… she finds out who did it and is killed by the real killer… Stu will get put back in jail,” Elizabeth McNicolas continued.

Other soap opera viewers were asking for both characters’ circumstances to alter in the meantime. I enjoyed Stuart’s character, but I wish Corrie would give some of the other characters a happy ending, said Joyce Overton.

For the script writers’ benefit, Liz Weightman asked: “Can someone hit a ‘happy’ story button? We need a few chuckles and feel-good moments, not tense material bouncing from one family to another.”

Kelly and Stu are the best characters Coronation Street has had in a long time, and they are both excellent actors. Carol Coward pleaded, “Please don’t ruin it with a silly narrative!”

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