ITV Coronation Street fans fear for Kevin Webster’s health as he explodes with rage

Fans have been concerned for Kevin Webster’s health as a result of some tense scenes on Coronation Street.

Viewers worry that the mechanic, played by Michael Le Vell, may become ill because he appears to be under constant stress. He currently has a lot on his plate, including preparing for Abi and Alfie to return home, coping with the demands of his job, and attempting to be a good father to Jack (Kyran Bowes).

In tonight’s episode, he attempted to attend his son Jack’s end-of-year presentation. However, Kev’s coworker Tyrone had assured the customer he would be able to do it when he had scheduled a car in the garage as a priority.

He began working on the car reluctantly, but soon after, he received a concerning call. When the school informed him that Jack had gotten into a fight, it further added to Kev’s foul attitude.

He later finds out that Jack is being bullied because someone discovered that Tyrone initially believed he was Jack’s father. Fans on Twitter were quick to notice as Kevin’s mood deteriorated.

David stated: “This Kev actor in #Corrie is now clearly shaking! Coming soon: the “career break.”” India commented: “#Corrie Kev looks stressed.” Pam added, “And if you don’t calm down Kev…a heart attack may kill you #Corrie,” in the meanwhile.

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