ITV Coronation Street fans ‘don’t trust’ Stephen as they predict terrible Audrey twist

When Stephen Reid unexpectedly returned to Weatherfield last month, it coincided with his mother Audrey Roberts’s drunken accident, shocking his family.

After falling in the barbershop, the character, played by Todd Boyce, arrived back on Coronation Street in a taxi as his mother was requesting assistance.

When Audrey fired David Platt, Kelly Neelan, and Maria Windass as well as seeming to take a dark turn in her drinking, the former hairdresser was left alone at the barbershop, Trim Up North, as she opted to drunkenly return to her old trade.

Intoxicated Audrey crashed into a display motorbike at the barbershop after another argument with her daughter Gail. She was stuck underneath it and her calls for help went unanswered.

That changed the following day when Stephen’s taxi was about to arrive and Brian Packham and Eileen Metcalfe overheard the hushed cries.

Concerned for his mother, who he discovers lying on the barbershop floor barely conscious, he was soon spotted smashing down the door.

He quickly found his family and was displeased that they had abandoned Audrey to deteriorate to such a state.

After Audrey awoke from surgery and saw her daughter by her bedside, the character wasn’t happy to see her and told her to leave, leaving Stephen with his mum. He ended up walking ahead of Gail and riding in the ambulance with his mother to the hospital.

The family has been reuniting since Audrey was discharged from the hospital and was able to stand on her own.

However, the well-known character, played by Sue Nicholls, announced she was amending her will and leaving all her money to WARTS—the Weatherfield Association of Retail Traders—of which her late Alf was a member in a test to her family in light of recent events.

Her family was astonished and horrified to learn that they were disinherited from their mother and grandmother’s will.

The most active participant was David, who went to talk to his brother-in-law Adam Barlow about obtaining power of attorney over his grandmother.

Stephen quickly explained to his niece and nephews, however, that their grandmother was merely testing them, and they failed.

She was equally incensed to discover about David’s shenanigans after Ken Barlow, a dependable friend, informed her of David’s queries.

Audrey did ultimately confess her love for her family and her intention to give them money, but Stephen will hold the money in trust for them. It’s safe to assume that they are not really impressed.

As soon as Corrie fans realized they couldn’t trust Stephen as much as Audrey did, they took to social media to discuss what would happen next.

Tweeted @kezzab333: “Trust money is under Stephen’s control. Audrey Corrie made a risky step.” “I think Stephen’s in it for the money more than the rest of them #Corrie,” said @conormckenna101.

Comment from @Clawmaw: “I have no faith in Stephen. He gives me the shivers and seems super sketchy! Will steal all of Audrey’s money, I wager! #Corrie.” Macnamara60 foresaw: “Right. I’m done now.

Stephen will steal all of the trust money. #Corrie.” echoed @FLady1980: “Corrie made a tremendous error Stephen and Audrey will flee away to Canada.” Additionally, “I don’t trust Stephen #Corrie,” said @RyanGSoapKing11.

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