ITV Coronation Street fans distracted during Fiz and Phill’s wedding ceremony before disaster

A lot of things may go wrong leading up to a soap opera wedding, but Fiz Stape and Phill Whittaker still managed to exchange vows on Coronation Street.

But it wasn’t long before it became clear whether their union wouldn’t endure as the new Mrs. Whittaker dumped her new husband at their wedding reception.

When Phill’s ex, Camilla, arrived and admitted she and her ex-husband were still in love, the big day was almost ruined.

It wasn’t true, though, since Fiz’s difficult daughter Hope had been making efforts to covertly sabotage the nuptials by emailing Camilla on Phill’s account.

The wedding was then almost finished when the registrar was cancelled the morning before the ceremony.

Fiz eventually made it down the aisle, and despite a fumble during her vows when she locked eyes with her ex Tyrone Dobbs after he admitted he still loved her and gave her a set of precious earrings, Fiz and Phill were declared husband and wife.

Hours later, during the celebration at the Bistro, Fiz called an emotional Phill aside and informed him that their marriage had already ended.

To the visitors’ shock, Phill got up on stage and sang an emotional rendition of Build Me Up (Buttercup) as she ran.

However, as Corrie viewers took in the setting and the small number of guests, it was the wedding that really diverted their attention.

Tweeted @jimmykinse: “Why didn’t Chesney attend the wedding of his own sister? There was Gemma. #Corrie.” kellymew_ enquired: “What makes Sally not with Tim? What about Chesney? #Corrie.” questioned by @Tonguetwisteruk: “Corrie: @itvcorrie Why aren’t Roy and his shopping bag or Chesney and his family present?”

Meggie16309037 commented: “There are not many people there. Corrie: “No Kirk, no Roy, no bestman’s wife.”” Posted by @StVitusDance: “Why is Roy missing from the wedding?

When Fizz originally arrived on the street in #Corrie, he and Hayley nurtured her.” Added by @ChrisAnstey74 “Why is Roy not present while Fiz is painfully given away at the wedding? #Corrie.”

Even though it’s unclear where many of them are, Fiz did mention in the first few minutes of the episode that Chesney was sick with the “lurgy,” thus Tyrone’s attendance at the ceremony would be advantageous to her in terms of the attendance figures.

However, the absence of people continued to divert Corrie fans’ attention. Posted by @DawnLeane “6 guests in a really spacious setting #Corrie.

” Inquiry from @LunaLocoJewels “Are there more wedding party members than guests? #corrie.” “Not many guests, luv #Evelyn @itvcorrie,” tweeted @LyndseyFitz.

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