ITV Coronation Street fans distracted by Sarah Barlow as she debuts different look

As soon as Sarah Barlow changed up her customary style, Coronation Street fans flooded social media.

The Tina O’Brien-played character returned to the screen in the ITV soap as the Platt family’s worry over Audrey Roberts’ wealth persists.

Audrey, portrayed by Sue Nicholls, chose last week to update her will to leave all of her money to WARTS, the Weatherfield Association of Retail Traders, of which her late husband Alf was a member, as a test to her family after recent events triggered by her drinking and son Stephen’s homecoming.

Her family, which included daughter Gail, were astonished and horrified to learn that they were disinherited and left out of their mother’s and grandmother’s will.

The most active participant was David, who went to talk to his brother-in-law Adam Barlow about obtaining power of attorney over his grandmother.

Stephen quickly explained to his niece and nephews, however, that their grandmother was merely testing them, and they failed.

After hearing about David’s shenanigans via her longtime friend Ken Barlow, Audrey was equally incensed to learn of his misdeeds.

Audrey did ultimately confess her love for her family and her intention to give them money, but Stephen will hold the money in trust for them. It’s fair to say that they haven’t been really impressed.

Gail arranged a family meal on Wednesday night after the walk to the cobbles to formally welcome Stephen back home.

But as is customary at a Platt family gathering, things quickly turned chaotic when David and Sarah got into a verbal altercation about Audrey’s money.

Disgusted by the two of them, Audrey leaves. Stephen, feeling embarrassed by the situation, decides to leave for Milan, which breaks his mother’s heart.

David, on the other hand, seemed pleased with his uncle’s choice but concerned about Audrey’s mental health, so Sarah looks to David to make things right.

Corrie watchers found themselves flocked to social media to discuss about something altogether different when they observed Sarah had made a notable change to her appearance despite the most recent upheaval within the renowned family of the soap opera.

lulabugz enquired: “What has happened to Sarah’s hair this evening? #Corrie.” “I’m sorry, but… what in the name of princess crowns is going on atop Sarah’s head #Corrie,” said @CxxPIPxx. Posted by @LouiseHazeldine “Can someone please explain what they did to Sarah’s hair? #corrie.”

Posted by @devereaux pam “Why is Sarah’s hair acting up. Corrie’s head appears to be shaped like a bagel.” Joked @corriepodcast: “This evening, Adam and Sarah will spend the most of their time discussing each other’s hair. #corrie.”

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