ITV Coronation Street fans defend soap as Phill and Fiz ‘cringeworthy’ scenes cause major divide

Regarding the most recent Coronation Street events to show, viewers discovered themselves in a heated argument.

For the first time since Fiz Stape dumped her new husband Phill Whittaker on their wedding night, the ITV soap returned on Monday night (July 11).

Last week, viewers saw the couple walk down the aisle in spite of a number of difficulties, including Hope’s email shenanigans and Phill’s ex-girlfriend Camilla, that nearly derailed the big day.

Despite her ex Tyrone Dobbs expressing his actual emotions for her, Fiz made the decision to go through with the wedding.

A pair of speaking pearl earrings that previously belonged to Vera Duckworth and were given to her by her adored husband Jack were given to the Underworld machinist by the mechanic on the wedding day.

Fiz did say “I do,” albeit with a stutter as she clung to the stunning earrings throughout wedding vows.

After a short while, Fiz realized she was in love with Phill and told him at their wedding celebration at the Bistro that she couldn’t be with him. She then fled the party and sprinted back into Tyrone’s arms.

It was time to see what happened on Monday night (July 11), and it made some Corrie viewers blush since it was evident that the reunited couple had spent the night together before Tyrone’s grandmother Evelyn Plummer discovered them.

Fiz may have spoken too soon when she informed Tyrone that she hadn’t heard from Phill since shortly after, he arrived at 9 Coronation Street, pleading with her to take him back.

Then, he made an effort to go above and above by surprising her with a romantic supper at the Bistro. However, it wasn’t just any supper because a mariachi band serenaded them.

Even though Fiz, who had been set up with Tyrone, wasn’t impressed, she didn’t seem to be able to resist Phill’s attempts to win her back, including his suggestion that they go on their “mini moon” and her ultimatum that she give him two weeks to change her mind or he’ll foot the bill for the annulment.

But not everyone appreciated Phill’s efforts to court Fiz once more. “I don’t like it, I know it’s only soap land, but it’s not right,” Rosaleen Doody commented on Facebook.

” Very cringeworthy, said Chris Butler. Why is Fiz agreeing to Phil’s request for a two-week honeymoon when she is not at all interested? It is insane!

“Cringeworthy…the rose between his teeth…the horrible singers….Phill,” echoed Karen Milne. What the heck was that, asked Stella Bartlett Sawyer? It was awkward and a very awful scene.

And several Corrie fans responded by defending the soap opera. For God’s sake, people, we need to laugh, and finally, Corrie is returning to some of its former glory and injecting a little humor back into it, according to Tracey Vasey.

” It was humorous, according to Jane Laity. Bring back the humor, people cried a few weeks ago. Now someone claims it is excessive. Can anyone ever triumph?”

“How on earth can people complain about Corrie giving us precisely what we’ve asked for, some much needed & much appreciated humor?” Nicola Honeyball echoed. Making my day was the BRILLIANT Sue Devaney, who stole the show by dancing to the Mariachi Band as poor “deliberately uncoupled” Fizz sat dumbfounded and wished the floor would open up.

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