ITV Coronation Street fans confused as dead Rick Neelan returns in explosive new trailer

Fans of Coronation Streets are perplexed after learning that Rick Neelan will make a comeback in forthcoming scenes. An explosive new trailer for the upcoming “Super Soap Week” has been published by the ITV soap opera.

The special week of episodes, which frequently includes a significant plot point or significant stunt, is typically postponed until October. While Emmerdale will devote the entire next month to its 50th anniversary celebrations, beginning with an action-packed week on October 16, it appears that the special week has been postponed.

Additionally, on Thursday night, Corrie unveiled the first glimpse of the emotional moments that will center on Gary Windass and Kelly Neelan, eventually culminating to the latter’s departure as Millie Gibson leaves the popular serial opera after three years.

Kelly will undoubtedly learn the truth about Gary killing her father, and in retaliation, she will hire a hitman to permanently remove her guardian. However, things don’t quite go out as planned, and Gary and Kelly find themselves in peril with their lives dangling over the skyline of Manchester.

A brand-new 30-second trailer shows Kelly getting closer to Kieron. the same person that abducted her just a few weeks ago before Gary saved her.

She offers him £10,000 to kill Gary as they are in a car. At Kelly and Aadi Alahan’s engagement reception, her guardian is seen making a speech.

He talks about how much he and Maria have enjoyed having Kelly in their lives, oblivious of what is about to happen. Then it is made known that Greg Wood, who originally played Rick, has returned for Kelly’s farewell scenes.

“The reality is something you already know. Whom you know lied “He enters her mind and informs her in a terrifying manner. “He that dies pays all debts,” he then says to the woman. Before leaving, Kelly tells Gary that she believes he killed her father.

Gary runs after her, but Kieron knocks him out and throws him into a vehicle. Later, Kieron and his sidekick bring Gary to the scene of Rick’s murder and tell him to dig his own grave while brandishing a gun.

But when Gary is being held by one of Kieron’s guys near the end of the trailer, Kelly can be seen standing on the roof close to the edge. And Kieron makes it apparent that he wants retribution when he informs them that he plans to kill her and blame her for Gary’s death as a result.

Additionally, Rick’s appearance in the trailer left some viewers a little perplexed. Was that her dad???? tweeted @sjwhittleton. “Thought Rick was dead,” said Hayley Martin. “Is that her dad, thought he died…confused,” said Alun Hughes. Is Rick still alive, Jo Rishton inquired.

Watchers will have to wait to find out who survives and whether Rick is a creation of Kelly’s imagination. However, as was already stated, Millie has declared she would leave the soap opera as Kelly. The 18-year-old was visibly upset when speaking to the Manchester Evening News and other media about quitting the soap opera.

The soap star explained why she was leaving Corrie, saying: “I think Corrie is… This is a house.

That’s the best way I can put it, and since I’m still so young, I figured I should venture out for a while to expand my wings and see what might transpire.

But it hasn’t been simple. Regarding recording her final moments, Broadbottom resident Millie commented, “I’ve been a wreck.” “There were a good two weeks when I was crying all the time because I guess I was just so overwhelmed and appreciative over the scenes and the tale that had been given to me, but there was a particular sequence that stand out to me,” the author said.

“Gary and I have never hugged during our relationship,” she said. We frequently ask one other, “Why have you never hugged me when I’m sobbing in the basement?”

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