ITV Coronation Street fans can’t handle the stress during ‘weird’ episode as Kevin loses it

As Kevin Webster finally snapped, viewers of Coronation Street could feel the tension rising through the screen.

The ITV soap opera character Michael Le Vell’s mechanic has been under a lot of pressure lately as wife Abi has been coming home with her son Alfie.

The couple, who wed last year, have reconciled after Abi relapsed and gave birth to a surprise child after having a relationship with her next-door neighbor Imran Habeeb.

After a custody dispute following the passing of Alfie’s lawyer father, Abi has exerted every effort to obtain custody of her son back.

Abi received Wendy Crozier’s assistance, and with Kevin’s complete backing, she was able to fulfill her goal. He has, however, had to contend with his son Jack.

In the episode that aired on Monday, July 25, viewers saw Kevin attempting to attend his son’s end-of-year presentation at school.

Tyrone Dobbs, though, had made a car a priority in the garage and assured the client Kev would be able to complete it.

Although grudgingly, he began working on the automobile. However, not long after, he received a distressing phone call from the school informing him that Jack had gotten into a fight, which infuriated Kevin.

But the father of three experienced heartache when he later discovered that Jack was being bullied because someone had discovered that Tyrone had mistakenly believed he was Jack’s father.

Kevin’s mood didn’t improve as he hurried to get the house ready for a social worker’s visit before Abi could come back with Alfie during the most recent episode of Corrie on Wednesday night.

Jack, though, admitted to his father that he doesn’t anticipate Abi returning because Kevin already pays him little care.

Aaron, a new employee, offered to service Stephen Reid’s automobile at the office in an effort to relieve his new employer Kevin of some of the stress.

Kev occasionally dozed off while operating the vehicle as Aaron got to work.

Before being able to test drive it, he sent the car off with Stephen, and it didn’t take long for Audrey’s son to return to the garage when the car broke down once more.

Stephen lashed out at Kevin in wrath, but the garage owner eventually lost it and snapped, grabbing a wrench and wrecking Stephen’s automobile. After being taken into custody, Kevin was advised that he might still face criminal damage charges as he expressed regret and agreed to speak to Stephen and fix his car at the police station.

Before Alfie is soon to return to their care, Abi joyfully arrived home and escorted Kevin to the pub to celebrate a night without kids. But a frazzled Kevin didn’t seem to be having a good time. Fans of Corrie also didn’t seem to be having fun with the most recent episode.

The tweet from @NicolaSillyBum read, “This is making me anxious #corrie.” Posted by @Samanth22356123 “Is this the episode of stress, stress, stress? It’s f*g strange and awful to watch! #Corrie.” “This episode is absolutely pure S T R E S S #corrie #coronationstreet,” tweeted @Hed F1.

Others were concerned about Kev’s wellbeing. Kevin is under too much stress and is going to have a heart attack, according to a tweet from @hollycarruthers.

According to @penniless poet “Quick! Someone needs to notify Aggie to prepare a bed at Werthy General for arriving little Kev! #Corrie.” “Abby will return with the baby and Kevin will wind up in the hospital,” tweeted @MeeshyJay.

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