ITV Coronation Street fans bash ‘repeated’ storyline as Kelly and Aadi grow closer

Crowning ceremony Street fans slammed the ITV cleanser this evening for “rehashing” a storyline.

This evening’s episode saw Kelly Neelan, played by Millie Gibson, develop nearer to Aadi Alahan, played by Adam Hussain. The companions made out they were arranging a wedding to attempt to scoop a ‘Win a Dream Wedding’ contest for the occasion.

Kelly consoled Aadi that they wouldn’t really get hitched, they’d simply partake in the ‘Vacation’ together. In any case, they were astounded to find that they would need to pass a few rounds to win the free outing.

Notwithstanding, fans on Twitter weren’t intrigued and blamed the ITV cleanser for “reusing” the storyline. John said: “#Kelly and #Aadi utilizing a reused script from #Norris and #Mary come on scholars we merit such a ton better than this #Corrie.”

Owen said: “Didn’t Norris and Mary do something almost identical to this with Aadi and Kelly? #Corrie.” Meanwhile, Sean said: “Can’t really accept that Kelly and Aadi are in a real sense rehashing the Mary and Norris storyline. #Corrie.”

Back in 2017, Mary Taylor and Norris Cole entered a contest to win an excursion to see her child, Jude. Anyway there was a tremendous contort when Jude really went to the phony wedding.

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