ITV Coronation Street: Every star set to join Weatherfield this year

As the longest-running soap opera in the UK, Coronation Street is a staple among the nation’s soap opera viewers.

The show has been shown on ITV for an amazing 62 years and is instantly recognizable due to its cobblestone streets and legendary soap families.

Every week, millions of people watch Coronation Street, a drama series set in the fictional town of Weatherfield.

Numerous catastrophes and dramatic tales have affected the locals over the years, including a tram crash, a Halloween sinkhole catastrophe, and most recently, a highly contentious bin strike.

The story has also just seen a number of recognizable characters return for unknown reasons, so it is not yet showing signs of slowing down.

Last week, Martin Hancock’s portrayal of Toyah’s ex-boyfriend Spider Nugent and Roberta Kerr’s portrayal of Wendy Crozier, one of Ken Barlow’s previous loves, returned to the cobbles.

But there are still a ton of fresh faces to come. Here are all the celebrities that will appear on Coronation Street later this year in light of this:

Jodie Prenger as Glenda

Later this year, West End actress Jodie Prenger, who plays George Shuttleworth’s sister Glenda, will walk the cobblestones. The new persona will serve as the Rovers Return’s bartender.

Producer of Coronation Street Iain MacLeod said the following about Jodie’s new role: “Glenda sweeps in fresh from the cruise ships with a whiff of the exotic, rapidly creating best friends and enemies in equal measure.

The character is a lot of fun and has echoes of vintage female characters from Coronation Street.

“Jodie is an incredible talent, and we are all thrilled to have her on board. She immediately felt like a Corrie character when she arrived on set, and I anticipate that viewers will adore her.

Michael Condron as Griff

From September 2022, Michael Condron, best known for his work on Game of Thrones, will play newbie Griff.

Griff’s identity is currently unknown, but Spider Nugent’s comeback plot will include him.

The Sun was told by a source: “As Griff, an activist, he will join as a new regular. Fans will first see him onscreen in September as part of the plot that will witness the return of soap opera legend Spider.”

Beth Vyse at Bridget

Beth Vyse is another celebrity making their debut on Coronation Street this summer. She will portray Bridget, the long-lost daughter of Stuart Carpenter.

Stuart will locate his daughter, and he will even get to meet his grandchild for the first time, according to Corrie spoilers.

Bridget, however, doesn’t seem overly pleased to see her dad, according to images obtained by the Sun.

Liam McCheyne as Dylan Wilson

Dylan Tully, the son of Sean Tully, will once again be played by Liam McCheyne. Fans may recall that Violet Wilson became pregnant with Dylan in 2007 when Sean agreed to donate his sperm so that Violet may have a child.

Over the past 13 years, the character has made multiple appearances in Weatherfield.

Before Liam’s brother Connor took over the part between 2011 and 2012, Charlie Corry played Dylan.

Fans can probably anticipate seeing Dylan appear on screens very soon because Antony Cotton, who plays Sean, uploaded a picture of himself on the set with Liam back in May.

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