ITV Coronation Street episode to explore character’s heartbreaking suicide story

With the help of a depressing plot featuring Audrey Roberts, an iconic character, ITV Coronation Street will examine mental health and the effects of loneliness.

This occurs as Audrey prepares to tell her shocked friends that she attempted to commit suicide.

Fans followed Audrey while she underwent treatment in a hospital last month. A doctor informed her that she had taken too many pills, but she said it wasn’t intentional when the doctor questioned whether she was having trouble.

Audrey will reveal in painful sequences that her overdose was actually an attempt at suicide to her lifelong friends Roy, Ken, Claudia, and Rita.

When the pals get together for a belated birthday lunch at a nearby hotel, Audrey informs them of the news.

Her pals are taken aback by her admission and ask her how she came to be in such a sad place. They acknowledge their mistakes in failing to notice Audrey’s warning flags.

Audrey acknowledges that she hid her emotions and didn’t even tell her family what had transpired. She then says that she misses her late husband Alfie and feels depressed and useless while the friends talk about the difficulties of becoming older.

Audrey continues by saying that when her eyesight started to go, she turned to drink. She claims: “I just felt like I was going downhill.

“I would toss and turn all night long, then fall asleep right when I ought to be getting ready for the day.

“utilizing now. Huh! Spend my afternoons sipping sauvignon blanc and contemplating my particular abilities.”

Sue Nicholls, an actress, outlined: “Although Audrey’s initial response was to hide what she had done from her family, she is deeply regretful for what she has done. Despite the occasional sniping, she values her family dearly and always will.

“The one major regret that has led to this most recent circumstance is a wish that dear Alfie was still alive and there with her so that they could have gotten old and similarly doddery together. She also appreciates and likes being independent and living contentedly in her own house.

She continued: “She feels like her family has started treating her a little bit like a child and she started to feel unhappy. Her family, preoccupied with their own lives, sees her down and disturbed moments as her inability to cope with the real world.

She is generally in excellent health and with herself, but her despair seemed to take over completely.

“She realized how much her friends had helped her tremendously with her troubles once she was able to communicate with them and they began to open up about their struggles.

Dr. Gaddas prescribed her antidepressants, but once again her obstinacy prevents her from taking them.

Fortunately, after chatting to her longtime friends, they convince her to follow the doctor’s recommendation. She truly appreciates them for making her life feel lighter in every manner.

“The significance of being able to talk to people you trust about how you feel is the lesson I want readers to take away from this plot.

Sometimes, the younger generation may believe that anyone beyond the age of 70 is incapable of making decisions, which can cause older individuals to feel purposeless and extremely useless.”

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