ITV Coronation Street boss teases end of Stephen Reid as he details if and when he’ll meet his fate

As audiences see Stephen Reid turn his attention to another another victim, the head of Coronation Street has hinted at the character’s demise. After claiming his second defenseless victim last month, Weatherfield’s newest serial killer has left viewers of the ITV soap yelling at their TVs.

While he struggled with his own financial problems, the character, played by Todd Boyce, went back to Weatherfield with the intention of robbing his beloved mother Audrey Roberts. Stephen planned to defraud his own family, including preparing to sell his mother Audrey’s home in order to take the equity, in order to pay back his ex Gabrielle, who he had stolen from in the past.

But in an effort to conceal his plans, Stephen discovered that he had accidentally killed Leo Thompkins when he learned the real reason Stephen had returned to the fabled street. Leo then tried to convince his father Teddy and fiancee Jenny Connor that Stephen had fled to Canada as intended after learning the truth.

Teddy, Leo’s father, was back on the scene, though, and after getting knocked over on the sidewalk, Jenny helped him recover.

Leo told his dad he didn’t want anything to do with him after his vacation to Canada, and Stephen appeared to be quite concerned about his rehabilitation.

But after speaking with Billy Mayhew and being reminded of his recollections from before his accident, Teddy assured Stephen that he remembered everything and pledged to report him to the authorities. But he was never given the chance since Stephen killed Teddy by hitting him over the head, then put his body in Audrey’s vehicle roof box and dumped it in the river.

Stephen is now focusing on Carla Connor, a favorite character in a soap opera.

The Underworld CEO promised Sarah that she can complete her drawings in exchange for an apology after being duped by Stephen, his niece Sarah Barlow, and Michael Bailey, who hatched a scheme behind her back.

Meanwhile, Carla instructed Stephen to revive a deal with Rufus, a significant figure in the local fashion sector, in exchange for which he would earn a permanent contract and a 15% commission. Rufus gave him some cocaine and the hallucinogenic substance LSD at his hotel despite making it plain he wasn’t interested. Rufus collapsed abruptly, grabbing his chest.

Viewers briefly questioned whether Stephen would abandon Rufus to perish. But, it was obvious that Stephen had devised a different strategy as the paramedics showed there to attend to him, and he told Carla on the phone that her contract was secured. When a sex worker showed up at the hotel room, Stephen later stole the LSD and used her to blackmail Rufus while he was recovering in the hospital.

In contrast, Carla arranged a meeting with Sarah and Stephen during new scenes and said that Sarah has been promoted to Head of Design and Stephen has been appointed Office Manager. Stephen sneaks into the Underworld office with a bottle of LSD he stole from Rufus’ briefcase and puts the drug in Carla’s coffee in an effort to exact revenge on her.

Carla enters the production floor while visibly disoriented and disoriented. Stephen adds another vial of LSD to Carla’s red wine at the Rovers. When Peter calls the bar, he realizes right away that Carla isn’t feeling well. Peter, who is terrified that Carla’s psychosis is returning, helps her leave the pub as she continues to stare at the factory girls while her paranoia grows by the second.

Iain MacLeod spoke with the panel on Loose Women on February 15 as the ITV program participated in its own “super soap month.” Denise Welch, a panelist, informed the ITV soap’s producer that the show had received “an incredible volume” of comments from viewers wondering if Stephen would ever be apprehended for his crimes.

Gosh, it nearly feels like I’m in a play! Is he following me? Once the audience booed in reaction to the character’s name, Iain laughed. Then he continued, “Of course he is. In a soap opera, the villains almost always end up getting what’s coming to them. So yes, 100%. Between now and then, there will be plenty of fun to be had.

Iain continued, “As we’re starting to see this week, he’s creating a new conflict with one of our most popular characters, a feisty female character named Carla.

He will therefore face off against her for a while, which I anticipate greatly enjoying. There is still some work to be done. To put it mildly, he’s going to cause more trouble, but all villains eventually meet their demise.

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